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How do i change the inner fog light on a 98 vw jetta?

Asked by JasonH (107points) July 1st, 2008

the inner fog lights donot light up the ROUND GLASS clear ones on the fog lights…....dammit and it sure is a pain in my rear to sit down on das floor and figure it out any ideas how to get the bulb out?

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consult your owners manual.

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Check that out, its the lighting and electrical forum for VW Mark III’s
Hope it helps.

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consult your owners manual. is far the best comment you could say? the owners Manual means nada, thanks fallstand will check that link out now. hope it helps i suppose ill just keep tinkering with it till i figure it out eh. thanks again all.

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the owners manual has the instructions in it, you just have to read it…......
the replacement light should have come with instalation instructions as well…..
all you have to do is read them.

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I’m a mechanic, it won’t be in the VW manual. try login name-rickmayo password 6041300. that should still be the password, if its not, i tried. put in the car model, year, and look for lighting operations, service and repair, it will tell you.

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lol ur account is closed that thanks tho i found massive pdf’s manuals on my car !

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you would think my name is rick mayo, but when i worked for the crain dealership they all used that one password, oh well

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