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Will someone know?

Asked by laura98 (191points) March 26th, 2014

So I was wondering what my attendance record was because I’ve been sick a lot this year and lost count of the days. We have a limit of 22 days and I was just curious. So I went on my school website and they had a link that said attendance under teacher emails.

Of course I knew I wouldn’t have access, but I tried anyway. I typed in my email and it just simply told me access denied and there were two buttons at the bottom of the page. One said ” request access” and the other said ” switch users.” I just exited out of the page after that. Will anyone know I tried to access attendance or will they only know if I hit the request access button?

I’m probably worrying over this for nothing, but everything gives me anxiety and school just makes me life hell. I was just curious and didn’t even do anything wrong.

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No, not unless you submit the request.

Just phone and ask next time, sheesh.

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It’s doubtful that they know.
Even if they have a way of keeping track, they’re probably not interested in who’s clicking the button.
Even if they have a way of keeping track, and noticed that you, specifically, tried, they probably don’t care. You could have misunderstood what the button was for, or clicked on it by mistake.

You have nothing to be worried about.

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It’s almost certainly logged, but how much they monitor logs for unauthorized sign-in attempts is anybody’s guess. In most organizations, it’s not very much.

And they can probably think of benign reasons for it like an absentminded user signing in at the wrong place. You didn’t do any denial of service (or succeed in doing anything), so I doubt they’d care even in the off chance they notice.

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Let’s assume that they logged the attempt.

Let’s further assume that they not only recorded the IP address, but (because you didn’t know any better about how to hide yourself as you made the attempt) they not only have your email address but your name, plain as day right in front of them.

Let’s even assume that someone reviews the data and “cares”.

So what? You clicked a button that’s there, exposed to the world, and the website functioned as it should have done and denied your access. End of story.

Now, if it was a button that said “Don’t you dare click this button unless you have our prior authorization, and that goes double for you, @laura98!”, then you might have a problem. A teacher would come to you (eventually, in about two or three years would be my guess), and ask, “Can’t you read, @laura98?” Otherwise, anyone in the world (who could be on that page) could have clicked on that button, and truly only those with established credentials and permission would be able to enter.

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You guys, don’t pick on her for being scared, she’s a kid. When I was in high school, I signed my own excuse one time. They bought it, but my gosh was I scared for a while.
What these goofy men are getting at, is the school will not pursue action for something which was not done in deliberation. If you were seeking to do something wrong, illegal, dangerous, then hell would rain upon you from the skies. A curious click on a button, as CWOTUS said, is harmless. Just be careful what you click on in the future. Some kids have stumbled on stuff by accident they never should have messed with, and boy did they find trouble.
Your days absent are no secret though. You can call, or go to the office and ask them if you are near the problem mark yet. They will let you know.

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Hey, @Jonesn4burgers got it straight. Pay attention to her advice.

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You didn’t have any intention of illegal conduct, so I think you are perfectly fine. They would need evidence to suggest that you were trying to alter the records. Maybe you should talk with someone in administration about your attendance.

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No one is picking on her; we all remember being young. We’re just trying to reassure her that the school is not interested in who is trying to access the information.

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I know. It just felt a little rough. When I was in high school, I was MUCH more fragile than I am now, and the question just took me back there. I didn’t want us to frighten away someone who is already afraid. I know you guys meant no harm. Sometimes guys play a little rougher than they mean to.
Still lurve in my heart.
@laura98, you still with us?

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