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Will someone know?

Asked by laura98 (191points) March 26th, 2014

So I was wondering what my attendance record was because I’ve been sick a lot this year and lost count of the days. We have a limit of 22 days and I was just curious. So I went on my school website and they had a link that said attendance under teacher emails.

Of course I knew I wouldn’t have access, but I tried anyway. I typed in my email and it just simply told me access denied and there were two buttons at the bottom of the page. One said ” request access” and the other said ” switch users.” I just exited out of the page after that. Will anyone know I tried to access attendance or will they only know if I hit the request access button?

I’m probably worrying over this for nothing, but everything gives me anxiety and school just makes me life hell. I was just curious and didn’t even do anything wrong.

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