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What's the longest game of Monopoly you've ever played?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30550points) March 26th, 2014

Monopoly is not a quick game. It takes time.

In high school, I once played a game with a friend that lasted for many afternoons. We left the board intact from one day to the next. We both had many monopolies and traded money back and forth like mad. I don’t remember how it ended.

How about you?

Bonus question: Do you play with the common house rule that all fines and taxes are paid to a special pot, and when you land on the Free Parking spot, you get all the money in the pot? I do.

Here is an interesting list of some more common house rules. I was unaware of some of them.

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I have never finished a game of monopoly. I actually don’t even know how you win.
The most I can deal with is a few hours, then I get very bored and call it quits.

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We played strictly by the rules. We had a few games stretch from one afternoon to the next also. Disbled now, Pieces are a big bother for me. I save all my energies for the “Must do’s”. I have a twelve year old daughter though, and games are a must. We play Monopoly on xbox. They have an option to make revisions. I have one I named Oh-chit orf something like that. Money is max, Go pay doubles when you land on go, max houses available, monies gathered pick up at free parking, last one standing wins. It is fun. We get to actually see our regular xbox avitars play the game. Our other avitars walk by, along with xbox spares, as we play.
We still play Scrabble on a board. My daughter is actually very good at that.

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@Jonesn4burgers I would award you a Great Answer, but you’re lurve score at present is 4444. I don’t want to risk messing up such a beautiful number. Please, consider this post your reward.

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Right- let’s not lurve @Jonesn4burgers anymore.

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Lurve me, I can take it! My number has been stuck here for hours. It will change as soon as I go from standby to shut down. I have been loving the cool digits all day, but now I am crazy to hit those three zeros following a five.

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BAM! You asked for it.

Edit to add: I lurved you, and it still counted.

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But how could I lurve you, when you’re at 4451?

SP 4451 was one of only two SD9s to retain their steam generators after being rebuilt. Being that they were now the only two passenger equipped SD9s, they were transferred to the San Francisco-San Jose, California, commute service until Caltrain equipment arrived in 1985.

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I never finish a monopoly game, so I invent a rule: we will play within a time limit. When the time is up, who has the most money will win. If the money is equal, then who bought the most lands will win.

Usually I don’t put the time limit. When my friends and I get too bored, we will agree that: “OK, <some number> more turn(s) then we are done here”.

I don’t keep track of the time much, so I guess the longest can be an hour and a half.

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Like what @Mimishu1995 said, it’s an official way of playing the game, calling a time limit, whoever has most cash, including any properties owned is declared the winner, easy really.

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The one that felt the longest was when I was very very little and I thought 6 $20’s equalled $100. I was so upset I had been paying out too much. LOL.

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My longest game outlasted my first marriage. My ex-husband and I started playing a game when we were dating. We left it set up as long as we could and would play for a bit almost every day. When we moved we wrote down the details of what we had, whose turn, and were our pieces were. We set it back up and kept playing. I’m not sure how many hours we devoted to it, but he left before the game was finished.

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@Seaofclouds Woah. You don’t have to worry about being picked as spokesperson.
@Jonesn4burgers Cute new avi.

Monopoly is the least fun game out there. I didn’t know people still played it. I thought maybe you just buy them as collectors items.

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I never played monopoly. And I never will.
It is like playing a tabletop version of the Holocaust

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@GloPro I love playing Monopoly. It’s my favorite board game. I have about 10 different versions of it. I could play for hours and not get tired of it. My biggest challenge is finding someone to play with.

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@Seaofclouds I’m game. Let’s play.

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Longest I’ve played was a weekend, start Friday night, continue Saturday afternoon, finish Sunday afternoon at dinner time. “We’re almost done, Greg’s almost out of money and it’s his turn.”

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@Jonesn4burgers Got you as close as I could on this question, only 3 more lurve

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One year… with my sister that moved out. I had a private house rule… where if you roll a 12 you can rob the bank of $500 and If you rolled a 2 then you go to jail and pay the bank $500.

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The longest game was over 7 hours, when we called it.

I am a serious player. Strict rules only. I used to allow house rules, but it just got ridiculous.
I once beat the Wisconsin State Monopoly Champion. I am that good.

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around 15 hours, over about a week. I came in second.

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