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What can I eat when I take my medicine at bedtime?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) March 26th, 2014

I take a medication that requires me to eat approximately 350 calories when I take the pill. The medicine has to bind to the food to make it into my bloodstream, if I understand the mechanics correctly.

I have to take this medicine just before I go to bed, because it has a sedative effect. When I first took it, I tried taking the pill with dinner, but I found the sedation too powerful to take it that early in the evening.

Sometimes I eat a piece of really good bread swimming in real butter. Other times, I eat a Pop Tart again with real butter. I like the unfrosted strawberry Pop Tarts. Often I take half a Hershey chocolate bar and dip it in peanut butter and eat that.

It’s hard to eat that many calories right before bedtime.

I would like some more ideas.

Yes, I’m asking for help finding high-caloric foods. I know that’s unusual.

What are your ideas?

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