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I asked him out but don't think he thought I meant as a date? Does he like me? I want to tell him I like him without saying hey I like you? Any kinds of advice is appreciated?

Asked by crushingandreaming (644points) March 27th, 2014

I asked him out to a thing at the zoo May 2nd, here’s what I said Hey i’m going to this thing at the zoo May2nd and wonder if you’d wanted to come, He replied Yes that sounds fun what time cause I may have soccer practice, I replied okay it’s from 5:30— 8:00 and he replied That sounds fun i’d love to come but I need to ask my coach if I can get out of practice, I said okay great we will pick you up if you get to come because you know that I know where you live and he said yea so what do you all think? Normally he would have said I have practice I can’t and he never text anyone sometimes I text him and he text me back but others he don’t and tonight he admitted he don’t even text his friends, or tweet or Facebook , or instagram, and often he stutters when talking to me he’s always smiling while i’m talking to him, he fidgets with his hands a lot , he messes with his hair sometimes, and he will be standing and start popping his knees back and forth, he blinks his eyes way more than I do and his pupils get kinda bigger, Does he like me? And I often flirt with him and find excuses to talk to him also tonight He sat next to me. Also I handed him a piece of paper with my new cell number and he looked at it and he opend his mouth and gasped I said what just take it so he did and put it in his pocket He didn’t even open it. We’ve never hugged we high fived once because I high fived his dad which is our Sunday school teacher because I finished all my school early and he had no idea why I high fived his dad put he looked at me gave me puppy dog eyes and I high fived him and he looked at me till I told him that I finished all my school early.

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