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What are the worst attempts at an accent in movies?

Asked by ucme (45478points) March 27th, 2014

Below are some examples of how it can go so very badly wrong.

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It is hard to argue with Keanu in Dracula.
I love Jean Reno, and Leon the Professional is one of my favorite movies, but he is supposed to be Italian there, and you can’t miss that french accent.
The same same with Peter Lorre in Casablanca. Supposed to be French, but obviously a German accent.

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The Boston accent is rarely correct in movies. The Departed has some egregious examples, such as Martin Sheen.

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The worse come from my own province, at least in my experience. Québec French is very specific in its terms, slangs and accent. Anyone who’s heard a French Canadian speak in French knows what I mean.
Québec makes some movies. But they ’‘clean’’ the accent and the terminologies, replacing a lot of things with things we don’t really say, and they include a fake French accent. I understand this, as the accent makes it hard for people to understand if they don’t speak ’‘Québec French’’. A person from France comes over here and they’ll be like, what is this you’re speaking, inverted Italian?

But it’s so…FAKE, plasticky and horrible. If WE can’t get our own accent right in movies, it’s completely hopeless. There are some movies that just say the seven hecks with it, and include proper accent, that is, the actors just speak as they normally would. But these are few and far between. (and mostly reserved for television series rather than movies, probably because the bigger audience is all local, unlike movies which seek a broader audience)

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Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins had the worst fake cockney accent ever.

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Anything Arnie did.
His austrian accent is so thick, whenever he offered to do the dub for the German version of his films himself, he was turned down.

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@ragingloli In Commando I think it was, he was given very little lines, because they didn’t like/couldn’t understand his accent. Or so I’ve been told, never actually saw the movie.

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@Symbeline Shwettybugger’s not so tough in Commando, look…a nice pillow.

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Nicolas Cage’s Italian accent was HILARIOUS! And who knew the Southern accent was so hard for some people? I think it’s the easiest one out there. And oh, Keanu….

This isn’t exactly a “bad accent,” but I think it’s relevant. My husband talked me into watching a film called Forced to Fight over the weekend The plot: A man is forced into underground fighting to get his brother out of debt. Crappy movie, but it was the accents that got to me. One brother had an American accent and the other one, played by Gary Daniels, didn’t even try to disguise his British accent. It bugged me.

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Also, Gerard Butler apologized for his Irish accent in PS I Love You. His real accent is Scottish. To be honest, I couldn’t tell his Irish accent was all that bad. I did, however, think he sounded like a goofball in that movie, even though I usually love Irish accents (as long as they don’t have that Leprechaun quality) and love Gerard Butler’s hot ass even more.

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Sean Connery in ‘Red October’: there was no effort whatsoever to attempt an accent!

Never liked him before, that film did not change that!

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Brad Pitt – Snatch?

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Angelina Jolie’s English accent in Tomb Raider always makes me cringe! Waiting for the first “who’s listening to her speak” comment!

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On second thought, my answer above is incorrect. While Reno and Lorre were acting as an Italian and a Frenchman, they were not attempting those accents. They were simply speaking normally for them, and it was out of place for the role they were in.
On the other hand, it was Costner, as Robin Hood, whose put upon accent would come and go.

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Burn Gorman (Owen from Torchwood)

His Russian accent in The Oxford Murders was so bad they dubbed over him for the film release.

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@zenvelo I came here to post about Dick Van Dyke’s horrible accent in Mary Poppins.

Hopefully Johnny Depp will do it better in (predicted by me) Tim Burton’s remake.

Guess who’s gonna be Poppins. JUST GUESS!

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