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Have you heard of the new promotion to raise awareness for testicular cancer? (Possibly NSFW?)

Asked by ibstubro (18641points) March 27th, 2014

Known as Sock on a Cock (sometimes Cock in a Sock), people seem to be having fun with it while dealing with a serious subject.

I think it’s great because, by and large, the guys most likely to show off (young and buff) are the ones that would normally be least likely to pay attention.

There’s even precedent for it!

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I’m having penis envy… Maybe I’ll start a beanie on a boob campaign.

Now I know why I always end up with just one sock…

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Catchy name. Hopefully it helps. As happens with men, it appears many of them have over estimated their sock size.

@GloPro Um… I think this is where the other sock went.

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@Juels haha! I don’t know why people wouldn’t pee in the shower if they jack off in their socks.

@ibstubro High Five!

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Yes, searched images when I say the promotion, and where do you even get socks that dangle to the floor, @Juels?? Maybe cross-dressers nipping the leg off a pair of tights?

I heard quite a while back that peeing in the shower is now considered “green” as opposed to “yellow” (eww) or “red” (STOP THAT!), @GloPro. Sorry, I’ll have to Laugh In and ”Sock it to you!

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I think that a better promotion would be to sell almonds or cashews to raise money. They could call it

Nuts for Nuts.

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But how can you let anyone on the internet promote your idea, @elbanditoroso?

What better way to promote awareness among young men?

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@ibstubro – i was being serious.

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OK fine. Now I’m aware of it. And the results are?

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Appears that a lot of young men (and women) are becoming aware of a serious disease among mostly older men.

I would say that’s success!

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