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How do I burn a bootable os x tiger disc from a windows computer?

Asked by jegonza89 (38points) July 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I have a older powermac g4. My hd was failing so I replaced it. During I loaded up disk utility and accidently tried to repair my drive. The comp crashed and now at start up the apple logo pops up then loads to a blank blue screen. I have no restore disc because I bought the comp on craigslist. PLEASE HELP.

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A (dmg) file is the same as a (iso) file. Rename the intallwhatever.dmg to installwhatever.iso

Burn it how you would normally burn a ISO disc. If I used Windows I would use DeepBurner to do this. It is pretty simple. Make sure you burn it as a image and not a data file.

And I know the copy of OS X was probably downloaded. I don’t really care.

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Have you tried to boot into ‘Safe Mode’? Click here to read how to do it Often this will get you past the blue screen and allow you to rescue your data.

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