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Is having a degree in ICT the same as having separate IT certifications?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) March 27th, 2014

What if I have certifications in PC repairs, A+, Networking + and even Security+ altogether. Should I still get an ICT bachelor degree?

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A “Bachelor’s degree” is a universal language and is for life whereas an IT certification lasts only as long as the technical elements upon which it’s based. When the employers go through a resume, a completed four-year degree will be an added advantage. So I think you should try getting an ICT degree too. I don’t know much about IT and ICT. My husband is an IT engineer. He has a degree and Microsoft Certifications too. He was saying an ICT degree is always an asset as it is broad and will have a much heavier focus on communication and networking.

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My former (for lack of a better term) son-in-law went after an ICT degree but for a myriad of reasons found himself hopping to several different schools and found that many of the courses he had taken would not transfer from one to the other. Subsequently he had over 160 hour of classroom time and no degree when he took a job with a major university, which was also one of the schools he has attended.
He got the job because he impressed them at the interview with his knowledge and expertise in the field. He has the opportunity to complete his degree at the university but was advised by his boss and others to get several different certifications instead; which he has done.
It has helped him to move up within the school.
I am still after him to take advantage of the opportunity and get his degree. After all, they will reimburse him for his expenses each semester so it is like getting a free education during work hours but he has yet to do so.

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