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Are the "couples" on the e-Harmony commercials just paid actors? Or are they really couples?

Asked by emmastella (18points) July 1st, 2008
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You should hook-up with Rotwang!

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No. They’re real. My husband and I met through eharmony, and he was contacted about possibly proposing on air. He had already popped the question, so of course he declined, but their service really can work. Just remember to proceed with caution the same way you would in any real life or online situation when it comes to meeting or dating someone.

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congrats eshep! Glad it worked out for you!

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A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine married a girl he met on eHarmony. I saw their eHarmony trophy on their bookcase. They were also contacted about doing a commercial.

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Too good to be true lol

eshep and Poser are paid by
just kidding, great stories

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Oh no. I personally dislike the idea of eHarmony. I know it is great for some, and my buddy seems happy enough (though I’m not too thrilled about his wife. She’s bossy). But if my GF and I had both signed up for eHarmony, we wouldn’t have been matched up. Having kids one day is very important to her, and until I met her, I never wanted kids (except the one I already have, of course, but he was unplanned). I never knew what it meant to want to have children with someone until she came along.

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actors… a friend of mine got a gig to play the role of somebody who found her match… :)

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actually, my fiance and i met on eH. they always send out emails to see if you want to rejoin or if it worked so she sent in our ‘story’ online so the emails would stop. they have contacted us about doing a commercial, we had a conference call with eH staff and producer, and we are set to shoot once several other people are picked as well. they don’t shoot at a set spot, they pick a location based on where the people are.

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They are sales people.

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