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Why would a roll of bubble wrap not make a great date?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 28th, 2014

Disclaimer I or anyone I know has thoughts of dating a roll of bubble warp. This is pure fun question of fluff that satisfies a need. In fact you can bypass answering it and talk about movies, soda crackers, whatever; enjoy

Make up your own details….I can’t think of anything more to add to this question.

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BUBBLE WRAP!! I wish I had a huge roll of it, so I could wrap myself inside, then roll around on the floor and pop all the bubbles. And if the bubbles were strong enough not to be popped this way, it would be soft and comfy to have a nap in.

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@Symbeline: Much like a collection of tiny pillows, hmmmm?

Why would a roll of bubble wrap not make a great date?

Because quiet, discreet sex would be impossible.

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@cookieman Quiet and discreet sex is always possible.

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Wholly crap. Bubble wrap is the best thing ever. If the person you are interested does not enjoy the bubble wrap, you can safely assume they are dead inside. And I have a limited emotional range as it is.

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Yes. Please date only bubble wrap.

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Mmmmmmmm. Bubble wrap!

One of lifes little pleasures!


I’d date it several times.

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@cookieman Eeeeee tiny pillows!!

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“We puts the pillows over our head”

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Because a roll of bubblewrap, even with lots of makeup, great wig and high heels, would not make a very attractive date.

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Popping the bubbles on bubble wrap is so addicting!! But, I envision being naked and wrapping myself in lots and lots of bubble wrap and letting my boyfriend unwrap his present.

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