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Would you rather stay in a cabin or a motel room?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36038points) March 29th, 2014

I’m going to a family reunion at a state park in Oklahoma in June. They have a hotel and cabins there. The person coordinating the event never mentioned the cabins, only the motel. I discovered the cabins when I Googled the park.
It looks like most family members will be staying in a motel room. I’d prefer my own cabin any day. They all have fire places, grills outside, AND they’re $10.00 cheaper!
My son and his family have reserved a cabin right next door.

If you had your druthers, what would you choose?

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Cabin, cabin, cabin.

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Cabin. If the weather is nice a tent, just so there is a campfire to poke around in.

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Cabin, however….if the hotel room had a jacuzzi tub, then, hotel room. haha
I love my baths!

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As long as the cabin were equivalent as far as having shower, toilet. Also, it’s like comparing apples and oranges if the hotel is a crappy hotel. So I couldn’t say without knowing more details. If the cabin had hot shower and toilet, I would probably say cabin, rather than a crappy hotel.

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It would depend on the accoutrements of each, as well as their location relative to where the activities will be held. All other thins being equal, I’d prefer a cabin.

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Actually, ALL the hotel rooms and ALL the cabins were already full at the park where the reunion is being held, so we wound up taking a cabin at another park about 30 miles away.

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Cabin for sure.

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Motels are cool but I’d take the cabin in this case.

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My son and his family can come visit! And we can sit outside and grill in the evenings! And we can go visit them!

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Cabin. Motel rooms are only for sleeping, are uncomfortable, and have little room.

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I’d take the cabin.

I’d especially take the cabin 30 (or more) miles away from the family reunion.

Ew. Family reunions…

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Definitely a cabin.

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Cabin. Even when given the choice between hotel room and cabin. Four stars upwards, and I’m choosing the room.

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Assuming both have working plumbing, I choose cabin. Sounds quaint.

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A cabin for sure, a much better experience.

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Depends. Depends on the condition of the cabin and the condition of the motel. Is it a motel? Or, hotels? Both words were used. What matters to me most of all is the bed and bedding. Is it triple sheeted with a comforter and no bed spread at both places? Assuming both have good beds and bedding, I would take the cabin over the hotel, especially, if it has a living room, and if it has a kitchenette it is a bonus. Pretty much I like any room that is a suite with a separate living room. If the weather was bad I might opt for the hotel for the ease of being at the main lodge if I were going to utilize the facilities there.

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Well, I’m not sure if it’s a hotel or a motel. Personally, I prefer motels.

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@Dutchess_III A motel over a hotel?

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Yes. I smoke and I like being able to step outside the door. Plus I’ve found that the motels are a lot more customer friendly than motels. Seems like the “classier” the motel the fewer services they offer. Gimme a motel 6 over the Hyatt any day!

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Now that you mention it, I don’t mind the odd adventures which can be had in seedy motels lol.

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As long as there is a clean bathroom with a hot shower, I’d pick the cabin any day of the week. In fact, cabin camping is on my bucket list.

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@Dutchess_III I can see why a smoker would much prefer beng able to easily step outside. I stay away from Motel 6 on general though. I had a friend who worked for an insurance company and they insured motels like Motel 6, or that level anyway, and all sorts of scary shit happened. As a woman alone I would avoid them, maybe with my husband I would be more adventurous, but I have sort of become a hotel snob. It would really depend where the motel is, how new it is, or if it had been recently renovated. I have slept in many a crappy motels. Even though I say I have become a snob regarding hotels, I sometimes much prefer an average hotel to a fancy one. I get annoyed with being charged extra for using wifi and I like my breakfast included if I am only staying for a night or two. I also like having a fridge and microwave in the room.

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@JLeslie – you like what I like – free wifi, free breakfast, fridge (I don’t care about microwaves, really). I like the white duvet covers that are popular now – not the old fashioned flowery bed spreads.

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@jca For longer stays I love places like Residence Inn where I have almost a full kitchen. Sometimes they don’t have an oven, which I don’t miss. Living room, proper table to eat at, separate bedroom. Makes me so happy. “Steal” some goodies from breakfast, and eat it for breakfast the next day in your room. Dinner a few nights a week. I can be in an otherwise crappy location, but if the RI is nice I feel like I’m on a nice vacation.

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Cabin?... I’m not sure. Why do you think sooooo many horror movies take place in cabins. Just sayin…

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I like the idea of the cabin. Sounds quaint and cozy. I also like the idea that it is about 30 miles away. That gives you some privacy away from everyone. Enjoy. Sounds like fun!

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In case there is a psycho axe wielding chainsaw maniac guy… take some protection, a flashlight.

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Actually…’s kinda looking like….a motor home instead of a cabin or a motel!

@herculies The axe wielding chainsaw maniac guy will be where I can keep an eye on him at all times. No worries!

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