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Do you get bored?

Asked by longgone (12851points) March 29th, 2014

…and if so, how often?

I’m honestly hardly ever bored, no matter how much free time I have. I’m good at spending time with myself. I suffer a brief bout of boredom maybe once every two months.

Now, however, I am bored out of my mind. Due to an ankle injury, I’ve been “resting” for ten days. I’ve been reading, watching TV, and surfing the web. Other than that…nothing. I feel like my brain is falling asleep.

I know, I know…I’m whining. I’ll stop.

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Rarely for me too.
I have lived on rural properties for decades until this last year and cherish my solitude even though I am an extrovert by nature. I can easily keep myself amused doing all sorts of things.
I’m a creative type and whether this is just hanging out with my pets in nature, gardening, reading, researching, watching amusing videos, rearranging my house, cooking, whatever…I am rarely bored.
The only time I feel bored is when the weather is bad for days on end, but even that is not so much boredom as it is just yearning to be able to get outside.

Boredom really is a state of mind.

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In similar situtions, I started to learn a language…classical Greek the first time. I did it the old-fashioned way, with a thick, heavy text book (the grammar is complicated), but today there are dozens of options on line

Languages I have checked out; Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Turkish, Farsi, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish and Lithuanian.

Write old-fashioned letters to your aging relatives, such as a grandmother. Catch up with your high school or college friends or colleagues from a former job

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Oh, being bed-bound is the worst.

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Of course, Every single day appears boring.

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I am 42 years old and I can honestly say that I have never been bored. Not once. This is not an exaggeration. It makes absolutely no sense to me how someone could be bored.

We are only alive for less than a century, and we spend much of that sleeping. Yet, there is practically an endless supply of things to do, stuff to learn, experiences to be had, and things to explore. Boredom makes no sense in this context.

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@Khajuria9: “Of course, Every single day appears boring.”

I’m curious – is there something you have yet to learn about or experience? Have you even put in the time to learn about yourself? Do you find that you have sufficient time to process ideas and follow their logical paths?

What is this boredom?

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Almost never. I’m pretty good at finding productive things to do.

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Rarely. I have so little free time that I sometimes actually envy people who do have time to get bored!

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@longgone: “Now, however, I am bored out of my mind. Due to an ankle injury, I’ve been “resting” for ten days. I’ve been reading, watching TV, and surfing the web. Other than that…nothing. I feel like my brain is falling asleep.”

I forgot to respond about this specifically. I’m not sure this is boredom. You have a desire/need to get your body moving, and being unable to do so is likely a bit claustrophobic and frustrating. You’ve suddenly been thrown into a lifestyle that you know is temporary, and you have not been able to adjust to it. If you had an accident that permanently limited your mobility, you’d likely shift your entire mindset. But for now, you know that the full range of experience, including getting your body moving, is limited. It’s natural to consider your recovery time to be a moment to be filled with activities to get you through, rather than a moment in your life which is to be lived.

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Only momentarily if ever.

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@Coloma The weather is part of my problem, too…it’s sunny, at last, and I’m stuck inside :/

@gailcalled Thank you for posting that picture…made me smile. Also, thanks for reminding me that exercising one’s mind is the best substitute for physical exercise! I’ve spent the last half-an-hour studying Asian countries and their capitals. Getting good :]

@syz I’ve come to that conclusion, too.

@Khajuria9 I’m sorry to hear that. Has it always been like this for you?

@hominid “Boredom makes no sense in this context.” Those are exactly my thoughts – normally. As long as there are books to read, movies to see, people to meet and things to learn, how is being bored possible? The brief bouts of boredom I experience always happen between two engaging activities, and they literally last seconds. That’s exactly why these ten days have been so exhausting to me, however. I’m not used to this feeling. You may be right in that I’m not exactly bored. The whole experience being temporary is making me impatient, no doubt. Maybe “frustrated” is a better way to describe it. After all, I’m not really at a loss of things to do. I’m just not allowed to do them. Damn doctor.

@Cruiser and @AshLeigh Lucky you :)

@Leanne1986 Most of all, I miss being outside. Ever since I got my dog almost ten years now, I’ve been walking at least seven miles pretty much every day. You must spend a lot of time outside, too, right? Believe me, you’d hate this.

Thank you, everyone! Reading this has made me feel so much better, I think I just needed to vent.

Just now, I allowed myself a ten-minute walk. May not have been very sensible, but I feel much better, having seen the sun. It was worth it.

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Sorry about the ankle injury.

I’m much like you in that I’m almost never bored. My brain churns so much that it keeps me busy keeping up. I also notice the little things in life and there are plenty of those!

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Today is awesome. Great rainy day, cleaned house and languished on my cozy bed watching a couple of old b&w Twilight Zones, now, pouring outside and T- storms and am going to have a beer and grill some fresh asparagus and fish for dinner, then, more cozy, comfy, relaxing.
I just covered up my cat with a blanker fresh out of the dryer, she is in heaven. haha

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Almost never. As long as there are books to read, movies to watch, pictures to take, paintings to paint, food to cook, food to eat, friends and family to converse with, dog and cat tummies to rub, trails to hike, mountains/lakes/rivers/deserts to visit, destinations to travel to, music to listen to, instruments to play, sunsets/sunrises to view, trains to listen to and ride, bodies of water to swim in, ice skating videos to watch on Youtube, Pinterest boards to create and add to, Fluther, and on and on and on… How could I possibly get bored?

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@Kardamom Yesterday all my park goosie pals sat on my lap. I took turns holding them all and then, it was so cool…someone who was fishing in the little lake caught a good sized trout and gave it to the resident great Blue Heron who flew right over when it saw the fish being landed. He snatched it up and carried it to the far side of the lake to dine in seclusion.
How can anyone be bored when the miracle of life is all around us in every moment?

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Sometimes. And mostly because I don’t have any inspiration.

There can be days when I get too excited too. It just feels like I can jump onto the space! And today is one of those.

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@longgone Yes, I am outside a fair bit which is great when the weather is nice, not so great when your battling with ice rain!!!! I’m sure every dog owner/walker in the world can relate to that! You are right though, I would hate it. I wish I had one day of nothingness every week or so, at the moment I am lucky if I have a couple of hours of free time during the week!

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@hominid I like your attitude!


I want to live more than 100 years.

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