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What would you do if you were left alone in a haunted house?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) March 29th, 2014

What exactly?

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No such thing as a haunted house.

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The same thing I would do in any house. Check out the library, find a comfortable chair, make a cup of tea and settle down with a good book.

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Explore it. But bring a friend with.

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If I actually believed in ghosts, I would leave.

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If I were really alone and there were no cameras? Probably just masturbate or something. I’m not alone enough. :(

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Oh, I’m a dope, the OP said “left alone”. Okay, I’d still explore it.

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I’d thank whoever was there for letting me visit and then leave unless they asked me politely to hang out and also gave me a good chair and some tea. But I don’t think ghosts can make tea.

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Annie loves to make tea.

She can’t drink it… but she does like to hold it.

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The same thing I would do in any house. Check out the library, find a comfortable chair, grab a beer and settle down with a good book.

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I’d bring some night vision goggles, the kind that whirr a little when they click into place on your eyes…Buffalo Bill
The night would be spent with me seeing as the Incredible Hulk does, only with my temper under control.

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Take a nap. Or make a stupid fake reality show and wander around going “Did you hear that?!?”

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My building is supposed to be haunted, so I wander through it and feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. There is some weird shit there.

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I don’‘t believe in ghosts, so I’d wander around and try to find the speakers and projectors and other means of making the house appear haunted.

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@ibstubro Come to my building. I will show you some shit. I kid you not.

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Would that I could, @Adirondackwannabe. I’m not a ghost denier, I’m a disbeliever because I have been open minded about it for 53 years, and never had a single unexplainable event.

Same with UFOs.

Same with religion.

I believe people who believe they have experienced the phenomena, I just have never experienced them personally, so I’m a disbeliever.

Damn, there a lot of belief in this reply!

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Adirondack, can you post some images of your building? I feel like seeing how it looks where ghosts prefer to come.

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Whistle a happy tune!

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Cry like a little girl. Unless I had a flashlight.

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Since I don’t believe in that stuff, I’d probably walk around and then leave, trying to see what happens.

The other day something happened that make me question the whole ghost thing, but I’m certainly not afraid at this point.

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@KNOWITALL: maybe there are houses haunted by Jehovah.

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@bolwerk Oh, I’m sure someone would have complained by now if that was true…“God’s trying to ruin my Satan Church.” It would be perfect though, because they can’t say that since they don’t believe God exists….hmmmmmm…..

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There are houses haunted by jehovah.
They are called churches, and the ones haunted are choirboys and their bottoms.

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@ragingloli: sssh! One of those bottoms might someday miraculously have a messiah conceived within it. Totally justifies everything!

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@bolwerk, wow, immaculate pregnancy conceived by a human being upon boys’ bodies. Now we’re gettin’ spiritual.

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* speaks in tongues *

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Where the Lord chooses to immaculately conceive is His business and not for mere mortals to question. Just ❤ Jesus.

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I didn’t know you knew French, @Seek.

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