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Is it possible to have a friendship with your boss?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) July 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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I used to go camping with my boss. The secret is to not talk about work. Don’t talk shit about other people. It will bite you in the ass. Be friends, STFU up about work stuff.

It can be done, you just need to be careful.

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My ex is my boss, and despite my best efforts, a lasting friendship has proven to be unsuccessful. This situation is obviously exceptional…but at least in this case, it’s looking like a negative.

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Not with my boss. She’s a real piece of work (I try to avoid the B word. Although the C word crosses my mind a lot). Next time I call in sick and they ask what’s wrong I’m going to say “female problem” and she if she can figure out what I mean.

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I am great friends with my boss. I understand that it is business and that he someday may have to let me go. That is his job. I hope that, that never happens but if it does I would stilll be friends with him. We just took a trek up to Seattle the other day and hung out. We are close in age and we dig the same things, it is a good friendship.

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Like what has already been said if work or work related things are never mentioned it can work very well
My boss is 40 years older than i am so he often asks for my perspective on politics,stocks,sports and things such as that
Ive learned a lot from him over the years and i would like to think he has from me also

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Yes, one of my closest friends has been my boss on 3 occasions (we re-org a lot) and it’s never messed with our relationship. Work is work, personal time is personal time.

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You guys don’t know how lucky you have it. The only good thing I can say about the post office is that nobody stays our station manager too long. Of course, when you get the odd, good boss, they don’t stay long either.

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can your friend be your boss? I think it depends on who you claim is your boss. Someone slightly above you on an endless ladder? Or the “Big Man”?

I personally appreciate a certain amount of mutual degradation and shared dissapointment in my friends. On the other hand, I do have some successful friends, but I don’t work with them.

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Oh, and I should add that another of my close friends I got to know when she was on my team – so it’s worked both ways for me.

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I think it is fine to be friends with your boss ass long as she/he is a nice person and not on a power trip i know in my case i as quiet friendly with my boss we can sit down for lunch or a cuppa and just chat about general things now we wouldn’t be inviting each other over for dinner our any thing as i like to keep some sort of professional distance only for the reason that if something were to happen in our friendship then things at work could get very awkward but it is good that we get on other wise it could make the whole working experience very uncomfortable.

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clear and simple, yes!

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It never worked for me. There was always a distance.

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I’ve never been in that type of situation. I have been friendLY with bosses, but never really considered them an actual friend.

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My ex-boss (but still friend) invited me to his house to parties and stuff. He is only 3 years old than I am and we have pretty similar interests in a lot of things. We’d just hang out, drink, play sports.
They key was to do as JP said earlier – don’t talk about work related stuff.

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My boss and I party hard together.
After work, outside of work its all fun and games we leave the work in the office.

He also the owner of the company.
I’m 27, He’s 35.

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Depends on the desperation of each of your inner intimate
lives & personal taboos. “Mentors” maybe your boss -one day, if not now. My neices have not grown from the incest taboos.

SoI’m not mentor nor boss to these boy-hungry women. Gay men & women are ok, ços I’m 17 years traditionally, happily married.

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