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What's your favorite medium for art?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 29th, 2014

Paintings (any particular type?)
Sculpture? (type?)
Poetry? (type?)
Fiction? (type?)
Music? (type?) -edit

My list is not intended to be exhaustive, and there may even be something less conventional you consider art. Cooking for instance.

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Where is music?

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I love French Impressionist, Homer Winslow, Grandma Moses.

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I worship Shakespeare.

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Hard to choose. Sculpture and architecture are probably my favorites. I love music too. Paintings I am very particular about.

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Fiction and Music. I really couldn’t choose types, my taste is almost all over the board.

I consider art to be whatever I like. If I don’t enjoy the experience, I don’t care whether I’m supposed to appreciate it. I honestly don’t understand why I’d force myself to, for example, read a book I don’t like.

Incidentally, both music and fiction are also fields I dabble in myself. I’ve never thought about it, but it makes sense.

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I love Impressionism, too, @Adirondackwannabe.

I used to do theater, too, @Hawaii_Jake, but I much preferred the behind-the-scenes work. Because I started collecting old vintage glassware at the age of 13, I was one hell of a properties manager! You’ll cringe to know that I made and A or B in Senior level Shakespeare in college without ever reading a single play. Too much like foreign language to me.

See, I forgot all about architecture @JLeslie . I know nothing about the mechanics of it, but I can spend (and have spent) days wandering in a city, just looking at the buildings. I once took myself to Chicago and I had at least an inch thick stack of ‘must see’ building printed out. I was in my hotel room with takeout by dark every night. My fun was done.

Fiction certainly consumes the majority of my art appreciation time, @longgone. Although the radio is never off in the house, I don’t appreciate the majority of the music.

Any certain catroons, @talljasperman?

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I love music more than any other art form and 2D paintings are my next fav….I am currently doing ceramics myself and just brought home 6 pots from the kiln today….LOVE IT ;)!

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Film Photography/DSLR even (I’m sorry I don’t see Instagram as photographic art I mean yes anyone could argue to me that it is, but for me, it’s just not)

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I’ve done painting (watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil ), sculpture, pottery, music, drama, poetry (Haiku in High School won an award ). I enjoy expressing myself in something physical.

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@ibstubro Marvel universe and Detective comics… For better or worse, Garfield and friends, the new cartoony teen titans series, Beavis and Butthead (they made 6 new episodes last year),

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All of the above!
Yes, photography too…but I am not into hanging photographic art in my house. No family picture walls…ewwww! haha
I love sculpture, wood carvings, paintings, metal sculpture.

My pride and joy is a huge, 5×5 abstract canvas I purchased from a local furniture maker turned artist about 8 years ago. I got to name it, officially. I call it “Ascension of mind.”
It is hanging over my head as I type.
I also love ethnic art of all kinds and have a teakwood temple gong that has carved monk sculptures and the most amazing cymbal, BRUUUUUNG!

Another favorite piece is my carved naked headhunter guy, holding a spear with a severed head hanging off a sinew around his waist while he hoists another severed head above his own. He has an amazing penis. Uncircumsized of course. lol
I’m the family writer but my daughter does amazing acrylic paintings.

Her dad was into metal sculpture. Creativity runs through our family DNA.
I also love interior design and design in general. I designed my own patio a few years ago and it came out awesome. Just sketched the idea and my contractor buddy brought it to life.
That’s my dads design influence, he was an architect and I inherited his eye for design.

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@ibstubro Just a few weeks ago I took a tour of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. The campus was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Great tour on a nice day if you ever are near there. It’s less than an hour from Disney World. I only mention it because so many people go to Disney. Just north of Disney in Winter Park, FL is a museum that has an amazing amount of Tiffany’s works. In one area of the museum is a Tiffany church alter. It is incredible. Basically the area feels like you are inside a chapel. I could go on and on. So many beautiful pieces of art around the world, and when you tie the history to it it takes on a whole new level of meaning.

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I used to have a great love of music, @Cruiser. When Alternative came in I was in my heyday, getting large parcels from BMG every month. They were running crazy ‘Buy one, get 4 free” specials and I’d scour the catalog looking for the unexpected. Cajun to TMBG.

Capturing images, @pleiades? By hand or by eye? I share the photography desire, but seldomly indulge it.

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Poetry and music.

My favorite living poet is Dean Young, but I appreciate quite a bit of both contemporary and historical poetry.

As for music, I have been part of both the classical tradition (I am a classically trained composer and performer) as well as the more modern tradition (I used to play in a rock band). I enjoy composers from Monteverdi and Bach to Cage and Scriabin, but also bands like The Doors, Foo Fighters, The Coup, and They Might Be Giants.

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Nice @Tropical_Willie. Why didn’t you post any links to your “best”?

@Coloma. Giving Eclectic new meaning!! lol

RUB IT IN, @JLeslie. As much Frank Lloyd Wright as I have seen (which is considerable), there is more that I have not.

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I love TMBG, @SavoirFaire. At one time I had all the albums and enjoyed them all!

But, at the same time, I was enjoying BNLadies

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Painting: oils, acrylics, water colors, acrylic airbrushed.

Dry media: chalk pastels, Prismacolor pencils, Prismacolor design markers, graphite, pen and ink.

Photography: old school with SLR or large format camera and real film.

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So hard to say.

I paint when I’m unhappy. It’s a brilliant emotional release.

I enjoy the serenity of clay sculpture. I used to do miniatures – chess-piece sized sculptures – back when I had access to a kiln. I miss it a lot. Polymer clay just doesn’t do it for me the same way real Phoenix mud does.

I do a lot of “upcycling”. I like to make garbage work for me.

I love making my own clothing. I have SUCH a desire to learn old-school textile dyeing.

But… I always find myself going back to wood. Refinishing furniture, whittling, occasional woodworking when I happen to have all the materials. Tree flesh just appeals to me.

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Movie: Nothing can beat film noir!
Fiction: any mystery novels! The darker, more matured the better. 1930s – 1950s settings are the most welcome.
Music: non-vocal, moody, sad… <———-in short heavily influenced by film-noir
Not a least bit interested in poetry though

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@Mimishu1995 What’s your favourite Agatha Christie novel?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Have not read all Agatha Christie yet. But I particularly like The Big Four.

I used to like Agatha when I was young, but now as I grow up her novels lose some of their old charm… oh well, thank you so much, film noir :/

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I read a lot of her books in junior high and high school. Now I watch a lot of the film versions the BBC puts out every few years.

Once, I got to play in a local theatre’s stage production of Ten Little Indians. Oh, I guess we’re supposed to call it ”And Then There Were None” now. But yeah, that was good times.

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@Seek_Kolinahr There are also some Sherlock Holmes adaptions on BBC. Have to admit they’re better than the books :)

Anyway, thanks for telling me about those BBC Agatha adaptions. I’ll check them out.

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Video games.

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I love painting. I normally do water color paintings. I love Indian Paintings. Someday hope to learn Mural paintings shown in Temples too. I love abstract themes a lot.

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I’d have to say cinema and books head my list, with painting (especially impressionist) a close third.

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@Kropotkin I never considered video games art until I played braid

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Me like crayons

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@ucme I don’t know if you know this but when you are writing as in answering a question….your avatar is a picture of the real you. I just noticed this a few seconds ago when you were answering this question and have seen this happen a couple times before. Weeeieerd!!

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@ucme and the Purple crayon.
I bet you draw penises on the walls. lol

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@Cruiser Well, yeah, I knew it was me, someone pointed out that it flips when I answer…crazy!
@Coloma Oh, purple is definitely my favourite crayon, penises on the wall sounds like a fun song to sing when you’re drunk.

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Face painting and balloon sculpture.

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Painting (watercolour and acrylics, mostly landscapes) and fiction (especially speculative fiction) are my favourites to create myself.

If I’m enjoying other people’s art, I am very fond of the Pre-Raphaelites and Art-Nouveau. And for fiction, I am currently reading everything Steampunk that I can get my hands on at the moment.

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At one time, @downtide, photos of Art-Nouveau made me yearn so bad it was almost sexual. Pre-internet it was so hard to obsess!

Sorry if I didn’t respond to a lot of good posts. Busy work week!

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@ibstubro A few years ago on a visit to Prague I had the pleasure of visiting the Mucha museum. As he’s my absolute favourite Art Nouveau artist, that was a truly wonderful (though not quite orgasmic) experience.

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I’m an easy riser, @downtide. There was a time in my life where the Paris metro might have made me cream jeans.

If I was on the continent, @downtide, I would have been to the Guggenheim in Museum Bilbao, Spain. Have you been there? Not Nouveau, but my current longstanding obsession.

Pure sensuality.

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