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Should one quit Fluther upon reaching or doing blank?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 29th, 2014

At some point Fluther will not do it anymore. At what point has Fluther outlived its usefulness? Once you have gotten all of the awards is it time to cut the mic and start the orchestra music? If you reach blank mansion, been Fluthering for blank years? What is the tipping point where Fluther becomes a liability causing you to terminate your account with extreme prejudice?

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I will stay here. Because I don’t have anywhere else to go now and because I get too used to this place and because this place is much friendlier than anywhere else!

Please don’t let me think about Fluther’s doom day :(

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When I become a public figure. I will just change names to something more private.

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There is no point that I reach with lurve, mansions or awards that I will stop loving Fluther. I don’t even pay attention to those things.
As long as this is a fun, educational and just generally awesome place to be, I’ll stay.

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If that is your goal you are doing it wrong.

I will go back to my original mantra. I use Fluther to find answers to questions I never knew I had.” Fluther taught me how to season a cast iron skillet. I didn’t know what one was before that. I learned something and it made my life better.

The bible shit has only made me hate people. Whateve.

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If lurve has a limit, or you got all the awards, it’s no reason to quit. Well I wouldn’t if I reached max on all points and all. That’s not the reason I use the site. To each his own though, of course. There might be reasons to quit, but for me, if I ever did it wouldn’t be for the stuff you mentioned, nor do I think Fluther would become useless. Maybe at some point in people’s Fluther lives, it is no longer of use to them, it happens. Wouldn’t go as far as saying the site itself is worthless if I ever get sick or bored of it though.

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The day I stop using Fluther will be the day I stop getting anything meaningful from it. I’ve been here for around 6.5 years now. It has changed a lot over the years but I still enjoy it even if it’s in a different way than I originally did. I recently did change my username here though. I used the other name for too many things online and no longer wanted it linked to fluther, I want to be able to fully express myself here without it fully connecting to me IRL

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I was unaware that there was a goal here.

The tipping point for me is when the bad in a community outweighs the good. While there are some people here that annoy me, on the whole, Fluther allows me to interact with intelligent people with insight, humor, and basically good interactions. And so long as the good outweighs the bad, I plan to stick around regardless of Lurve totals, awards or anything like that.

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I think @Hypocrisy_Central‘s examples are meant to be ironic. He likes to point out how other users are simply trying to “score points” and “get attaboys”.

One should quit Fluther if it becomes harmful in any way. There is no general rule here. Some people can deal with personal attacks just fine, for example, while others can’t. I would quit if I realized Fluther was becoming too important for me, too. Assuming I’d still be able to.

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@longgone Irony and sarcasm don’t always do well in text-based mediums.

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The times I’ve been far less active on here are because it didn’t draw me here. The activities I choose to invest my time in have to compete for that limited resource – whether they are 3-D activities or online activities. The things that are important to me are the ones that I go to first, and eventually, I didn’t have time for Fluther and didn’t really miss it.

If anything stops giving you joy, and especially if it gives you stress, its place in your life should be re-evaluated.

@jerv – That is why the collective adopted the tilde after a comment as the sarcasm indicator.

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@jerv Oooh, wow…you think you’re so smart, don’t you? ~

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@hearkat It seems not everybody got the memo on that one though.

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@El_Cadejo – I’m thinking about doing that myself.

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When the empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans obscure my laptop screen then I will quit Fluther….I don’t drink anymore so I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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When it stops enriching your life.

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@jerv – agreed, I just had an incident with that in another post just yesterday, and I have tabs with relevant posts about the tilde open in another window, as I was considering composing a new thread on the topic.

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I could care less about the awards or lurve points, I’m just here for fun and stimulation.

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There is a difference between sarcasm and irony. There is not really a way to indicate irony in text, since it’s not indicated in speech, either. Either the person gets it, or they don’t.

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I kind of think the point of sarcasm is also either you get it or you don’t.

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^^ I consider the tilde a hint that there is more to this post than it might seem. Taken like that, it can also indicate irony, IMO.

Also: What @janbb said.

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I write what I feel like writing in the best way I can. If someone doesn’t get the joke/irony/sarcasm, it probably wasn’t meant for them, anyway.

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@ohnpowell If that is your goal you are doing it wrong.
No, that is not my goal, heck, it would take far too long. However, it is a fun distraction assay from questions you can’t ask in ways you can’t ask them without someone greeting pissed is to see if you will get to this level or that or if you can produce a ”Cake in the frizzer”, etc.

@Symbeline Wouldn’t go as far as saying the site itself is worthless if I ever get sick or bored of it though.
I am not saying Fluther as a whole is useless, to individuals it has become useless; at least some of those who left I would like to think they grew pass Fluther and were not all driven out by all the ”love”” you can find around here.

@longgone I think @Hypocrisy_Central‘s examples are meant to be ironic. He likes to point out how other users are simply trying to “score points” and “get attaboys”.
Nah, just that some people think because their quip, comment, etc. got a huge lurve bounce because of that fact the statement has some teeth or truth to it.

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For me, I’ll quit when I’m tired of coming here, or tired of the negativity, or the people no longer interest me. Frankly, I’m a little surprised it’s interested me this long, must be a special blend of people.

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The only criterion worth considering is “Do you still enjoy it?”. When the answer to that question is “No”, then it might be time to leave the tide-pool.

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I go, I come back, various reasons, but the reason I stay is because I like thinking about the questions asked. I love answering, it makes me think. The awards so on, meaningless to me. I’ll never leave for good. Why would I.

Plus with so much change in my life, it’s great to see familiar ‘faces’

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