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What's your favourite chore?

Asked by longgone (12780points) March 30th, 2014

As asked. Mine would be cooking or baking. I’m also okay with doing laundry, but I can’t say I really like that.

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@JLeslie Honestly? I hate that.

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@longgone Instant satisfaction. It’s fairly quick and the lines in the carpet make everything look cleaner. Also, I only do it about once a week, sometimes I stretch it to every two weeks, so it isn’t a constant daily chore.

I like cooking, but hate the clean up. I hate washing pots and pans.

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Milking the men.

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I’m coming up blank hereā€¦ I dislike housework tremendously.

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@JLeslie “I only do it about once a week”

Okay…my shedding Labrador makes vacuuming more of a daily necessity. And it still only looks clean for about sixty seconds.

@hearkat I can relate. I hate everything but the things I mentioned.

@ragingloli Yes…of course. Milking the men. Sounds like…fun?

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Spread sheets. I’m addicted to Excel.

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Laundry. When I’m putting my clothes away I always wear some because I like the warm feeling.

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Weeding the garden. Today it finally might be warm enough to do a little bit of gardening. Yay!

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When I had my accident it took almost 6 months until I could vacuum. The one chore I don’t mind. I couldn’t do any chores for a good 2 months. No real cleaning for 3 months.

I never gardened again in any way shape or form. I don’t like working in the “garden” much anyway, I never understood people who love it. Bees and wasps!

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I don’t mind any of them, just not lumped all together. I do a bit here and a bit there all the time. Using a broom or a wet mop or a dust cloth for 5 minutes is just life.

i cannot imagine considering gardening a chore, and in the 40 plus years I have been grubbing around in the dirt, I have been stung probably half-a-dozen times.

My new knee makes kneeling difficult now and i ache to be able to get to those weeds…just over there…begging to be pulled.

I will probably succumb and buy some seed packets soon in order to start a few things in pots in my living room. I dream of an almost ripe tomato, nestled with its neighboring basil plant. I overwinter dill and add a pinch of it to many foods. It makes winter seem less wintery.

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Mopping. I like that you can see your progress and there is a clearly defined end. It is fort of like a progress bar on your computer except that mopping is actually accurate.

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^^; Until it dries and the streaks show.

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One of my daily chores now is picking up clumps of cat fur with my grabbers.

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Buffing, I like to buff.

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I too HATE vacuuming!
Laundry and anything outdoors are my favorites.
Dishes, laundry, not bad, vacuuming/mopping, toilets and cat litter box, 10 thumbs down.
@gailcalled Myles is a full furry mast right now and giant clumps of his fur is falling too.

Off white carpets with black hairballs. I brushed and trimmed him the other day, soon he will get his summer buzz cut.

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@ucme Wax on…wax off.

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@Coloma: He let you trim him? As he ages, Milo gets more aggressive about being touched or picked up. I can sneak one nail clip if he is in a really dead sleep. Then I have to leap back out of the way.

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@Cruiser I want you to stand up & do as I say, imagine a gorgeous naked lady is standing right in front of you. Using both hands, imitate the action of washing the windows, follow this with holding one hand out & mimic the feeding of a horse…& relax.

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@ucme My wife only goes along with me doing that so many times in a day. Very relaxing!

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Making the bed. Handling blankets and pillows. ^^

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@gailcalled Myles is not a happy guy when I trim his claws either, he just wrestles around but doesn’t get aggressive. His “trim” was cutting a few mats from his armpits and chest, no matter how much I brush him by this time of year his coat is about 6 inches deep. He is gorgeous but a monster hairball.

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Milo here: I have armpits? Four of them?

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Yard work: Chopping wood (by hand awe/ax), grass cutting, shrub trimming, edging, gardening, stump grinding, etc. Fun stuff!

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Like @Cruiser I like garden work. I don’t see it as a chore though, I find it very relaxing and it gives me an excuse to spend all day outside.

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Laundry. Period.

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Cooking, because I get to eat the end result.

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I used to love doing the dishes in the morning, especially on cold winter mornings. I would sit in my wheelchair, with the bottom cupboard open, my feet on the lower shelf, my arms in the hot water up to my elbows, it was the closest I got to soaking in a hot bath. Never let it be said that doing the dishes could ever be considered therapeutic.

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