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How do you feel about infomercials in lieu of regular commercials?

Asked by JLeslie (58936points) March 30th, 2014

Some shows I watch now have infomercials in the space that usually would be several regular commercials. Previously, infomercials were half hour long shows, now I see them in the 2–6 minute spots where regular commercials would go in the middle of a program. It really gets on my nerves for some reason. I much prefer regular commercials, even if I am doing other things during the commercial, just having the infomercial on the background annoys me. What about you?

I DVR most shows I watch and can fast forward commercials, but not all of them.

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When they come on, makes me want to change channels. There is no TV show worth sitting through a long commercial that goes on and on…

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I don’t watch much regular TV lately and haven’t noticed that trend (I watch all my TV on iTunes.) I would think it would make it easier to turn the channel and get interested in something different.
So glad this is in social so I can say that Hubby and I were in a Tempurpedic infomercial.

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I have a television. We use it to watch an occasional recorded movie and the new series “Cosmos.” I do not ever watch any other regular shows.

My daughters will very rarely watch a show.

I am 50 years old, and I have never once in my life watched an infomercial.

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The last time I had cable or television service was… 2009? 2010?

I rent full seasons on DVD from the library, or occasionally watch a show on Hulu or torrent it if I’m really jonesing for a particular one.

Regular commercials bug me. Waiting a week for the next episode bugs me. Having my show interrupted by 6 minutes of hard selling would cause me to lose interest in the show.

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Like everybody else in here, I’m too smart to watch cable TV. It’s all DVD’s or stuff I rent on PSN. But to answer the question, I know the difference with both, and I hate both. Commercials are something I just can’t stand, whichever kind, and that is 90% of why I evade cable television.

That said, I once had this super satellite TV deal where I had like 1800 channels. I found nothing interesting, at least nothing that I couldn’t already catch on regular cable. So it’s pretty sad that with my 1800 channel experience, all I remember is this hilarious infomercial with Vince. I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I saw it, wasn’t even sure if it was a joke or not.

You’re gonna love my nuts.

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I wish I had a Ron Popeil Food Dehydrator and a Jack Lelane juicer. Strictly because the infomercials suck me in.

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@Symbeline Well, now I need a slap chop. I’m sold.

In college it happened a time or two that I ordered things drunk. I think Monster Ballads 2 disc set was a wonderful spontaneous choice :-)

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I like many infomercials but hate commercials with a passion, mute them and notice that they’re becoming longer and longer. Like youtube videos that last 30 seconds. Hate that.

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@Symbeline Have you seen the one for The Schticky ?

“Problem with that shedding pussy?”

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I think infomercials should be a click on option only. That way, the people who are curious could see them, advertisers would get a more representative selection of viewers to see who might shop their wares.

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@El_Cadejo Lol no, never saw this one. I love how he demonstrates the power of the tool with a spider web. I mean, you have this super nice, clean home, and all of a sudden there’s a huge web with a spider on the ceiling. It’s a Halloween decoration, I’m sure lol.

@GloPro I wouldn’t have much use for the slap chop, but seriously, that cheese grater seems useful. Haha.

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