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Truth or Dare: what did you do?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) March 30th, 2014 from iPhone

We’ve all played it. We’ve all tried to torture our friends. Sometimes we got dared to do something so outrageous! What did you do?

Sometimes the truth questions made me squirm. Did you tell the truth? What ones made you squirm?

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I certainly have not played it.
Moreover, I do not even know anyone who did.

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I dropped a monster gopher snake into a convertible filled with nuns at a beach once, on a dare. Same excursion with friends along CA. Hwy. 101 I was also dared to stand naked in the highway. I wrapped up in a blanket and flashed passing cars on a 1000 ft. cliff over the ocean. My 18 yr. old body was a traffic stopper for sure. haha

I also smashed a pie in my own face. I’m a risk taking, playful type, always was the ring leader of my group of friends. “Ask L. she’ll do it!” lol

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As a young dumb kid, a construction company had a few pieces of equipment at the edge of our property and my friends dared me to start the loader, I did and horrors I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, never the less I was in big trouble when my parents got home.

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I’d just finished one of the many “tommy tanks” I had as a young teen & there were no tissues around, so…I fed it to the dawg!!
Well, needs must & she did look thirsty :D

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Dare. Truth is for squares. The choice of truth warrants eye rolls and ridicule.

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I’ve never played it either, although I’m surprised I didn’t when I was young and indestructible.

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When we had sleepovers we would plan things in advance. One of my favorites was to stash a toothpaste tube or something at the end of my ½ mile long windy driveway through the woods. The dare was to bring it back, in the dark, with no flashlight. Scary.

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Truth, and lied.

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