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Do believe your name has any effect on your personality?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) July 1st, 2008

I see people try to guess other peoples names all the time based on how they look/ act. So we have to have some sort of preconception of how people act based on names. So do you believe if you had a different name you would be a different person all together?

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A Rose by any other name is….....a Lilly?

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well generally when i meet any guy named “Dick”.....

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haha.. me and my friend were just trying to do that today. we were guessing the name of the new guy at work.. i thought for sure he was more of a joe, but he turned out to be travis. what a shame.

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Having a name that always has to be spelt and repeated when I’m outside my native country (and I’ve lived abroad for the last 13 years) has certainly added something to my experiences and thereby my personality, but I don’t consider it a basis of my personality.

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Well my names Joe so i feel kinda… Average

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Austin Powers screwed my name up forever as far as personality goes. It’s ok though, at times it’s true. =)

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Only when people add an H.

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As joe mentioned, having an average name can make a child feel common. While having a unique name can help make a child feel special. There are for sure many other factors in buiding someones personality but their name is an important one. Nick names given by your peers can effect personality even more.

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@Upward i wasn’t being serious, just plain and simple cynical

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@PnL: Hey!!

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I feel kinda short. Though I suppose that’s physical, not personality.
I feel small and insignificant.
I don’t really think names affect personality as such, but say if a child had an unusual name, maybe their parents are unusual or eccentric or out-there or think a certain way and then this would affect the kids personality.

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Quick! Someone phone the Zappa family!

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I really hope that my name, John, doesn’t take its meaning from the word ”jawn”.

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I guess yes, my name is kind of estrange, the sum of my first and middle names is 12, as the sum of my 2 last names, my astrologist says that it means something good in my life (can’t remember what was it) but it was just mere coincidence…

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@ rich – huh? you aren’t dick! well….your name isn’t dick at least :P

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I don’t know if I would be different if I had a different name, but I do know that my name really describes me.

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I like that my name, Allison, isn’t a super common name. My nickname, Allie, makes me feel peppy. I think it sounds like a bouncy, friendly, playful name (which I like to think is how I am).

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@wildflower: What’s your name?

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Óluva – and it can’t be spelt any more phonetically….

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gah my original post was lost! stupid phone…anyway my name has without a doubt shaped who I am. I have an exceedingly rare name, so much so much so that even google gives up and just points to me and a persian singer whose last name happens to be the same. it gave me pride in myself, made me feel unique, more than any adult did when they told me I was. its made me more interested in different cultures (my name is made of two ancient chinese words and im spanish and german with a splash of czech) and family names. overall its made me more outgoing and its a fantastic icebreaker. and I never turn around by accident when I hear someone calling out. :)

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I don’t know what my name says about me… I’ve never heard anyone tell me if it has a connotation. BUT, when I think about the names of my future children, I feel it’s extremely important to pick a name with a lot of meaning/importance.


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My name is Elizabeth, but Liz fits me much better (now at least).

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Unless you get a name like the Johnny Cash song it probably doesn’t affect you much. Nicknames given by others have more impact.

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yeah, i agree that whatever youre called would somehow affect you. i actually have a not-so-common name that’s sorta girly. but when my friends gave me a guy nickname, i somehow found myself being more involved in athletic stuff and hanging out with guys more often. now that i moved in a new city, and nobody calls me with that male nickname anymore, i’ve gotten more feminine. even with the way i dress up now.

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I can’t vouch for everyone but, yeah, in my case it kinda did. The problem is that i was aware of those with the same name as i and i deliberately wanted to follow in their metaphoric footsteps. Seeing how my name is Giulio, and one of the most renown generals in history is Iulius Caesar (Giulio Cesare in italian) i pretty much decided that my name would have ment i was destined for greatness.

And that’s what i aim to with all my choices in life, so yeah, my name did affect me, i can’t speak for everybody but apparently it someties does.

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