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How to get out of reading a book?

Asked by Afos22 (3980points) March 30th, 2014

My good friend wants me to “borrow” his copy of a book. He says that he really wants me to read it. I am not at all interested in reading this book. I am a very visual thinker, not a reader; I do not enjoy it. Apart from not enjoying reading for leisure, I am in no way interested in the book’s topic. Additionally the writing style is annoying. For me to not read the book, it may be offensive to my friend. And I do not want to be dishonest. How should I handle this? and please do not say “just read the book”.

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Just tell him that you have no interest in reading. No need to complicate it.

(As an aside, is there anyone who isn’t a visual thinker? We are visual creatures afterall.)

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“I know you want me to read this book, but I’m just not interested so will have to say, ‘Sorry, but no, thanks.’ You know that I’m not a reader. Give me a summation of the book and perhaps we can discuss the themes and ideas.”

If you loved to bungee jump and asked this same good friend, who hates the idea, to jump with you, he has the same right to refuse you.

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Just say you don’t like to read. Or, that you don’t read books. I say it all the time. It carries a stigma, but who cares. Most people assume I read a ton, and I read maybe a book every three years. I read fluther and articles on specific topics, but almost never books.

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Honesty is the best policy. Just tell him what you wrote in this question. It sounds pretty clear and definitive.

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Just borrow the damn book. Sit on it for a week. Then tell him you just couldn’t get into it and give it back. Along with a huge thick boring book that you recommend he reads. He’ll totally understand how you feel.

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Read it. Reading is good. Most authors will write turd after turd until they hit their stride. This book could very well be a gem and the worst that can happen is you have something to talk about with your friend who will appreciate that you did read that book whether you liked it or not.

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Please do not say “just read the book.”
@Cruiser – good answer ;-p

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Additionally the writing style is annoying

I love to read. However, ^^^that’s enough of a reason for me to not continue on in a book. Maybe keep it for a few days, then just say tell your friend it’s not really your type of book due to the writing style.

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If you tried already to read the book and you don’t like it (which I assume is true since you don’t like the style or care for the topic), then tell him that. Then tell him, firmly, “I’m not reading the book.”

If he’s really insistent, and since you say you’re a visual thinker, tell him to find you a comic-book version. This should get him out of your hair- either he’ll embark on a wild-goose chase, or his head will explode, depending on the book.

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On another thread someone was saying that she read a book over the phone to her friend. Ask your friend to do that. If they care about the book and about you reading it, it shouldn’t be too much trouble for them…

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