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How can I play HD videos on my PC?

Asked by flutherother (32906points) March 31st, 2014

I took some HD video (3840 by 2160) on my mobile phone recently but the files don’t play correctly on my PC though files with a smaller resolution are fine. I have been using Windows Media and Apple’s Quicktime. Any ideas are welcome.

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You may not be able to.
The Graphics card and monitor have to be able to generate and display the video.

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What sort of PC do you have? I can play HD video fine on my desktop system, but not on my wife’s (an older system) or my laptop (a system of the same age but lower power). The reason being that my desktop has a more powerful video card than both of those systems combined than multiplied by twenty, which is rather like swatting a fly with a howitzer.

I would suggest turning down your video recording settings to a lower resolution though. Given how few people have 4k monitors and all, you really don’t need to go above 1920*1080 in order for most peopel to see it in all it’s glory. More importantly, the video files will be roughly ¼ the size, so you won’t fill up your phone quickly.

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@jerv The PC is three and a half years old and the graphics card is not the best so that may explain it. Recording the highest definition possible seemed a good idea at the time. I have reduced the resolution of my video recordings for the future.

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You can always use Handbrake to convert the videos you have already taken to a format that should play.

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@johnpowell Handbrake did the trick. It converted my files to a playable format. Many thanks for that bit of advice I can now watch and distribute my holiday videos to friends and family.

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What type of HD video that you try to play on your PC. HD video with 3840×2160 is not HD video but 4K video, make sure that your computer meet the minimum requirements to play 4K video, if the video doesn’t support by Windows Media Player or QuickTime player, you can use Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate to convert the files to Windows Media Player readable WMV format and QuickTime readable QuickTime MOV format.

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