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Why is How I Met Your Mother such a popular show?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 31st, 2014

Whether it’s good or bad is subjective of course, but a lot of people my age 26 are glued to it. What’s got them so hooked?

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It’s this generations “Friends” or “Seinfeld”, there’s usually a show like that for every generation, and it’s almost always very popular with that group.

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I thought the How I Met Your Mother craze faded with the Big Bang Theory craze. Guess not. Both shows have really become the new Friends or Seinfeld, like @KNOWITALL said. I’m 24 and I don’t care what anyone says, nothing will ever beat Friends. I like both How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory, but I can’t watch the same episodes over and over and still laugh like I do with Friends. Both kind of got old for me after awhile.

Is it weird that I’m embarrassed to admit I watch Seinfeld? I honestly don’t think it’s all that great, but it’s on every night and my husband and I ended up enjoying it against our will. I’ve never enjoyed watching a show in which I hated most of the main characters before Seinfeld.

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@livelaughlove21 When you’re old enough to get the jokes on Frasier, we’ll talk…lol (best sitcom everrrrrr!)

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@KNOWITALL Ha, I can’t stand that show.

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I used to love it. The last few seasons have been horrible. I still keep watching it but I am seriously happy tonight will be the last one.

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Well…as others suggested, its similarities to “Friends” are remarkable. Barney is the womanizer (Joey). Ted is the geek (Ross). There’s love triangles involved, they all live together at some point, they have a never-changing hangout spot, and some of the jokes really are good. Some are not.

As with all shows, I think what’s got people hooked are the characters, probably especially Barney. He’s the ultimate “cool guy”, someone who doesn’t let morals get in the way and has the power to manipulate.

Lastly, I think “How I Met Your Mother” writers have been extremely clever by giving the show a purpose – the audience really does want to know who that damn mother is supposed to be.

I loved the first four seasons, though I never thought it was as good as friends. Now, I don’t watch it anymore. I feel like the writing has gotten more predictable, lots of lame sex jokes. I still like Barney, but that’s not really enough. I’ve moved on to “Modern Family”, “Downton Abbey” and “Rizzoli & Isles”.

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@longgone Barney was really the only reason I watched, and he was enough for awhile, but it didn’t last. NPH is still awesome, though. I also like Jason Segel a lot, but I prefer him in films.

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Never heard of it, i’ll go look for a clip.

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@livelaughlove21 To tell the truth, I’m glad to see HIMYM end, as that will free up NPH. I’d very much like him to star in a new series. A good one, preferably.

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I absolutely love NPH. They are one cute family.

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Just seen a brief montage & now I can answer the question, why is it so popular? No idea.

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At least it isn’t Coronation Street or EastEnders.

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@livelaughlove21 I never watched Seinfeld in the 90’s. Just had no interest whatsoever. Now, 20 years later, I must have watched every episode and checked out all the YouTube stuff on it too.

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I’ve seen about 20 episodes with my friends who love it, and I’ve only chuckled once. My friends think I’m crazy for not liking it

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Surely there’s no territorial defending of a dumb show going on here…really?
I don’t like Coronation Street or Eastenders either, so…

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Beats me. I find that show terrible. The Ted guy is a whiny little bitch and Neil Patrick Harris is an obnoxious fool. All the recent sitcoms on CBS are terrible. Nothing like the sitcoms from the 70’s to the 90’s. I also hated Raymond. King of Queens was the last good laugh track sitcom.

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Well I just watched the finale. Terrible. But I’m sure there are those who will disagree… :)

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I still watch Big Band Theory

Is that sad?

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