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Has anyone stumbled by or discovered a good faith-based Q&A site?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 31st, 2014

Disclaimer In this place I know it makes about as much sense as a Gazelle standing in the middle of a pride of lions at the watering hole asking the lions what is on the lunch menu, but I could be pleasantly surprised.

While out and about on the Net has anyone stumble across a good Q&A site for faith-based people? I would not presume anyone would have actively searched for it, but looking for something else an errant mouse click and there you were, as unintended as it were. If you do know any could you post it? Look at the benefits, I may spend 95% of my time there and you can be spared having to deal with preposterous questions in the future. ~~

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