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What is your definition of family?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) July 1st, 2008

I have lots of words for this subject, but I’d rather follow up in comments than say a lot right off the bat and open myself up for easy hits.

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Friends are the Family we choose.

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A mini community where everyone has got your back, is willing to do anything for you (be it financial aid etc). Also, a community where you can exchange a lot of mean words one day, yet be perfectly happy with each other the next day. A community were you are comfortable with each other’s presence and silence and learn to respect each other’s opinion (the last part takes a while though…).

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is it ok to say I’m not sure?

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Family is a word used to describe the people who are always there for you no matter if times are going great or hitting rock bottom.

It shouldn’t be used to describe relatives. I have a whole side if relatives that I wouldnt dare call family.

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Mutual love. Being able to relax and not feel obligated around them.

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Um, the people I grew up with? Let’s not forget about them.

I too have people who “feel like family” in my life now. Thank God. And there is nothing like my brother and parents… and even the cousins who I rarely see. Something different about it. Let’s not forget about them.

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To me a team that stick together no matter what. People you can talk to in confidence and have fun with and knowing how much ye care for each other and never be afraid to speak your mind.

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like a scrath you know is not going to heal if you don’t stop touching it, but you love to do it…

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A family can be genetically connected for created. It is a group of people bound by bonds of love that are closer than friendship, that makes sacrifices for each other, that support and nurture one another. Often, a family unit lives together or has lived together at some point.

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“Very seldom do members of the same family grow up under one roof.” – R. Bach

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I like chaosrob ‘s answer!

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Family is like chocolate. Mostly sweet with some nuts.

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@babygalll I love it!!

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@babygall thats is classic oh how i laughed.

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A group of business associates that can take care of problems and would never rat on each other.

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I like this quote from Garden State:
“Maybe thats all family really is… A group of people who miss the same imaginary place”...

Family, to me, are people that I love and love me, and accept me for who I am… No matter what (even through all the ups and downs.)

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I found this humorous:
Important families are like potatoes. The best parts are underground.
-Francis Bacon

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I think the concept of “dysfunction” is overhyped and not entirely applicable to every situation.
I think that we are, at the core, mutually attracted by the frisson and tension of the proximity of immediate family, simply because that is where we’re from. They are the post-womb, the reason we like and dislike certain things, the reason we chose our course of study, the reason we wear what we wear and say what we say. My family includes my post-diaspora (college and later) adult friends. They are who showed us our strengths and exposed our weaknesses. They made us who we are, and sometimes we yearn for them whilst despising them.
They bring us home for the holidays.

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50’s tv family. It’s what I grew up on.

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My family is my definition of family. The way it is.

My expectation of a definition for the word family is the same as beauty or any other subjective term: I will define it the way that you do, i.e., tell me who your family is and that’s fine by me.

Single mom, two dads, Husband with 4 wives (some countries) or an orphan who has a step-brother from a second marriage. I don’t care: it’s your family. That’s fine by me.

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Family is who you are born with and seem to love you. My family is a horrible train wreck of people. Sometimes I wish I had a different one. Family is supposed to be the people you can confide in and feel loved.

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not necessarily blood relatives

it’s who SUPPORTS you and has your back :)


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