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Name your local newspapers most shocking headline last week?

Asked by LornaLove (9386points) March 31st, 2014

Speaking about your area, town or wherever, what was your most shocking newspaper headline last week?

Ours was “Man shouts drunkenly at wife while she withdraws funds from an ATM”.

I had to giggle and somehow I realize that I have moved to a really calm and not very newsworthy place. Which, is good news of course.

what was yours?

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I don’t get the newspaper anymore… all I have is the radio and laptop internet connection. The top story is about that missing plane.

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Forget headlines, the local crime log is always fun. lol

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From an unknown internet rag I picked up last week. Disclaimer: rough translation to English

Revolutionists gather local folks for a unique demonstration
Revolutionists turn on music and dance in front of government’s headquarter: a creative, non-violent idea for a demonstation
Many local townpeople engage in the most meaningful and creative demonstration ever.
Government is helpless at revolutionists’ action. The end of rotten government is near!

I forgot it as soon as I read it. It seems to have been made up by some psycho who is just too demanding and/or has some grudge toward the government.

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“Might women be ready for higher positions?”


“On death row for sorcery, spared by king”

“[The girl], who has been languishing in [jail] for casting a magic spell on her employer and his family, has been released and sent back to Indonesia,” said [a spokesman for her Embassy], on Wednesday.

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“Police appeal for help naming woman in Asda suicide horror”

”. . .The woman, who was aged between 20 and 40 and of Asian appearance, stabbed herself in the neck and collapsed in a pool of blood in an aisle in front of shocked staff and shoppers . . .”

That’s from the local newspaper’s web site. Not sure if the printed newspaper was the same. “Asian” here also means from the Indian sub-continent.

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“4-H girl gets award for being best hoer in county”

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CA State Senator Accused of Wire Fraud and Guns

Pretty big news story around here. A big anti-gun state senator busted for bribes and running guns.

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“congress accomplishes something useful”

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This was in the paper today: “Jury finds officers falsely arrested black art student” my first thought was this was something from The Hogwarts Times

In the same paper “Court haults Japan whaling program” Is spelling no longer taught in school?

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“ website working great. Millions sign up” yeah sure…

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Burglar jailed after stealing from Centre Parcs in Warminster.

Other than a road accident that was the only negative thing in our local news last week from what I can tell.

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@rojo “Court haults Japan whaling program” Honestly, I don’t care how they spelt it, it is marvellous news : ^)

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@Adagio I guess that article was written by a Japanese :)

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@Mimishu1995 Nah, probably just bad spelling or editing, but who knows, perhaps you’re right : ^)

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