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If we don't celebrate 5K lurves, why does the Community Feed announce everytime a jelly reaches 5K?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14757points) March 31st, 2014

Inspired by my rejected attempt to celebrate a jelly reaching 5K earlier.

The Community Feed is a place where jellies’ achievements are recorded. And big achievements are highlighted in yellow and put on the top and can’s be washed away by other jellies’ achievements for a considerably long time.

And a jelly’s reaching 5K is announced in that way, so it can also counts as a big achievement and should be celebrated like reaching 10K and up, so why can’t we celebrate it?

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Because it’s not that big of an achievement.

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^^^Says someone at the cusp of a 20k award^^^

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At the pace I’ve been going lately, it’ll take a while.

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It’s just the first milestone. The first 5,000 points arrive the fastest.

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A reason I heard for this is that it would make too many parties, because reaching that amount if you’re active doesn’t take too long.

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It’s like boss’s day, or grandparent’s day. The smallest of mentions.

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Because the 5k wing addition is the warm-up for the mansion.

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Well, thank you, @Mimishu1995 :]

You can host my 10K party!

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