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Could she be faking?

Asked by longgone (12779points) April 1st, 2014

I’m “babysitting” my eleven-year-old cousin right now. She stayed home from school because she claimed to have a headache, and her parents dropped her off at my house at 7 am.
I was thrilled, can you tell?

Anyway, she’s been whining all morning. This may make me sound like a jerk, but this girl is the ultimate drama queen and I’m working hard to keep my cool. Half an hour ago, she started moaning that her eyes were feeling weird. They look fine, but seem…I don’t know. Dull. Kind of yellowish. Now, this girl’s a prankster, and it’s April Fool’s – but I just don’t see how she could have pulled this one off. Ideas?

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Feed her to wolves.

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Call her bluff if you really think she’s pulling your leg. Put her in the car with an ice pack, wrap her in blankets and tell her you’re driving 40 minutes to an ER. Then drive around for a while and see her reaction.

If she really is ill, call her parents now and ask for advice. It has been almost two and a half hours.

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Yellow in the eyes is a sign of jaundice and nothing to be ignored. I would say she needs to be seen at the doctors right of away. She could be having a major issue with her gallbladder or liver. I would call her parents and see about getting her to the doctor or er.

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@Adirondackwannabe Don’t tempt me. I own a Labrador.

@gailcalled Ha. Great idea, but you don’t know this brat. She’d have the time of her life. I’ll call her parents if I really have to, but I’d like to avoid that. They’re convinced I can’t take care of children – they’ve only been trusting me with her for about a year.

@creative1 Even if she had some kind of liver disease, she wouldn’t be in imediate danger, right? I’m looking for ideas on how to pull off that kind of prank. She’s not sick. Thanks, though.

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Err on the safe side…. Call her parents.

or a doctor

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Moaning as a prank can get very exhausting after a while. See how long she keeps it up. So far it’s been 34 minutes.

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How would she fake the yellow? That’s a little troubling.

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What do you mean by her eyes look fine? You mentioned they look dull and yellowish. That doesn’t sound fine to me. Unless she’s smoking pot, I don’t see how she could fake dull looking eyes.

I could usually tell if my children weren’t feeling well by looking at their eyes. Their eyes would look tired and dull.

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Tell her you’re going to take her to the hospital/doctor and they might give her a needle.

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I’d call the parent and tell her what’s going on.

The thing is, how would a child her age know that yellowish eyes are a sign of something bad? She’d have to know that in order to go through the intricate process of finding a way to make them look yellow so she can pull off this prank.

The only thing that sounds suspect is that her eyes feel “weird.” Jaundice does turn the whites of your eyes yellow, but your eyes don’t feel weird with liver problems. Is she complaining about anything else? Abdominal pain?

I’ll admit that I love the scare tactic idea of acting as if you’ll rush her to the hospital for a shot, but if she is having a problem, scaring the girl isn’t going to help. So, call her mom and let her decide what needs to be done.

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@longgone: They’re convinced I can’t take care of children – they’ve only been trusting me with her for about a year.

Any responsible baby sitter would call the parents if there is the smallest question about a medical issue concerning their child, remember.

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April Fools. Sorry :]
For the record, I do have a cousin about that age, but she is not a drama queen, not a prankster, and, as far as I know, in school. If her eyes were turning yellow, I’d be on my way to the ER.

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I don’t see (haven’t read) anyone laughing.

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@longgone Ohhhhhhh. Ha, I didn’t even consider that. You got me. :)

You trying to sound mean and neglectful kind of sounded like me on a regular day. This is why I don’t babysit little hellions. No April Fool’s joke there.

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@livelaughlove21 Oh, come on, you don’t sound mean. You’re just outspoken. I’ll let you in on a secret… I think I sound a lot nicer on Fluther than I do in real life.

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@longgone Well, good. I hate nice people. ;)

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“Could be” has equal epistemiological status as “Could not be”. That means you have about a 50–50 chance that she is acting out or sick. Make a judgement call.

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@josie: It was an April Fool’s Joke. Read above.

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Yesterday, on fb, I posted that I was never going to post pics of my grandkids again. they saw through it instantly and called me a liar! I responded by posting pictures of my grandkids, like this one in response! :D

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