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What do you think about just before you fall asleep?

Asked by Trustinglife (6638points) July 2nd, 2008

Do you review your day? Think about the stuff you haven’t been letting yourself think about? What goes through your head?

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Usually some sort of day-dream/fantasy/plan for next day/week/month/year…..something that makes me happy and drift off.

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It depends. I tend to run through my day, or think about the next day. My mom used to tell me to make up a story in my head, with the intention that I’d drift off to sleep creating stories in my head. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I still do this.

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Its been almost 6 months.. I am not able to see my baby girl no more. She is 7 months old. My first only child. I always pray for her before I go to bed if I get chance to be sleepy also when I open my eyes..I pray. I miss her..but Im destroying myself.. Depressed.. Sorry

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In fact, I just had an idea for a new Fluther feature.

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Usually for me it is whats the latest i can get up so i will still have time to get my little girl up and dressed and get breakfast ready for everyone and how long will it take for me to get myself ready after i have the family sorted and on there way.

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I usually listen to music so it is mostly a sort of mental-mash of imagining what is being described in the lyrics or the sounds in the music. Kind of like a fractured, messed up Fanstasia™.

Once I fell asleep listening to Chip-Tune music and the things I thought about as I fell asleep we’re seriously weird.

Often it is Sufjan Stevens so there will be some dude with a banjo involved at some point.

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Glad to know you are dreaming about me, bluemukaki.

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All night long, baby~

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Oh would you 2 just go get a room haha

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I usually fall asleep praying, so I am thinking of my loved ones and how grateful I am to be alive.

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I think about my girlfriend.

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Usually I fall asleep praying or day dreaming about what my future will hold.

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i usually recap my day and then think about all the crappy stuff i have to do the next day. then i contemplate ways that i can put off those crappy things

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I check my day, then I just wish everything I’m living is not a dream :)

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I think about the things that I want to do in my life, but would never have the audacity to do them the next day.

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I try to put thoughts of the day and thoughts about the next day away, or I would never get to sleep. Usually, just before I drift off I am content and grateful to be there in my bed with hubby & dog.

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i think “can’t believe i am going to sleep this late again. when will i change my habits??? okay. starting tomorrow i will definitely start sleeping early”. then i think the same thing the next night.

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@PnL, Your not the only one!

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I try to clear my mind of all thougts before bed. If I think too much, I would never fall asleep. Sometimes I have to take a xanax just to stop thinking so much!

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I recap my day, go over plans for tomorrow, and then tell myself stories until I drift off.

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Sometimes I try to add up my bills or balance my check book which I’ve found puts me to sleep pretty fast. As I get sleepy I mess up the math in my head and am forced to start all over, next thing I know I’m waking up and it’s morning!

Otherwise I’m normally fretting over something and keeping myself awake with stress.

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I’m with PnL on this one. Then I think of all the things I have to do tomorrow on the little sleep I am going to get. Ugh!

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I think about all of the things I have to be thankful for. I know it is sappy but it is true.

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I think about sleeping, that sleeping is good and that I will feel good after sleeping…......hahahaha

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Again, I am the perv, but when I have trouble falling asleep I make up sexual fantasies and drift off into a gentle slumber.

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If I think of anything, it keeps me up all night. Mostly I just lie there and attempt to switch off. If I can’t, I use an old meditation/relaxation trick I learned from my Irish grandad. “If ye breathe out through your nose, ye won’t choke as y’swallow.”
Man, did that sound dirty or what? I was referring to drinking whiskey. Ew. I need to wash my mind out with soap. You, too.

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f l u t h e r

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