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Are you judgmental?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) July 2nd, 2008

Do you find yourself judging the behavior of others even when it does not directly impact you or yours? Or do you tend not to pay it any mind?

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Yes and no. I may discuss someone’s behavior with my wife or a close friend and give my opinion (which may be judgmental).

But unless their behavior impacts me (or my wife and child) directly, I’ll pay it very little mind.

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Too much so, I’m sure.

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always, for one reason or another.

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Unfortunately I am too. Most of the time its nothing that lasts but I still do. It seems like a majority of people are judgmental….even if it is just kept in your mind.

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Sometimes i think it is when i meet someone that i might not have a connection with then yeah i might say it to my husband but not to any one else that would just be gossiping and i am not a big gossiper.

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Yep, but in a kind way

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Only to people who can’t spell judgemental.

edit :: I apologize. I just found out that it can be spelled both ways.

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Yes, and it’s something I’m actively working on. In my head, I used to compare myself to people all the time (which is a form of judgement) about all kinds of crazy stuff: my husband’s cuter than her husband, my kids are better behaved than her kids etc…It was a ridiculous habit. When I find myself doing it now, I actively stop my thought process and in doing so, I judge people much less and I’m more accepting.

Someone once told me, “If you spot it, you got it,” meaning if you’re pointing out a fault in another person you actually have that fault in yourself. It’s up to me to deal with my crap before projecting it on to someone else.

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I find myself trying to identify patterns in people’s behaviors as a way of reading people, and yes, at times I find my opinion of the person is tainted by the matches or mismatches in theirs and mine take on what’s right and wrong. I do try accept that people are who they are and it’s far more interesting to try to understand them and judge them by their own standards, rather than by mine.

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i am generally not judgmental. a lot of that probably has to do with that i don’t care enough. and the rest has to do with the fact that i have had others pass judgment on me without really knowing me and so i know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things. so if i am passing judgment, i try not to do it till i have known the person a while and have seen a recurring pattern.

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In general, I try not to judge others. People have to make their own way in the world. My way of doing or being is not right for everyone.

An exception is people that pick on others or point out the weaknesses of others, and then use that as an excuse to behave badly.

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Isn’t it human nature to be judgemental? We are al judgemental, just some are to a higher degree than others.

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Oh yes. I’ve perfected the art of judging.

And some of you up there need to rethink your answers. Ahem.

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Yes, but not on moral grounds most of the time. And I keep it to myself unless asked.

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I try not to judge.

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@lovelyy Don’t you find it hard not judge at times.

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@fabulous; To be honest yes, it can be hard at times.

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Everyone is judgmental, one’s intent is what matters. The issue is that we are taught by our parents, religion, etc. not to judge others. That is where being judgmental earned it’s bad reputation. We should not judge others with the intent to prove we are better than someone else. However, everyone will form an opinion, perhaps a benign judgment, about someone or their respective behavior, that is just human nature. But even with the best intent, it is difficult not to feel some superiority over someone else whose behavior or value system is diametrically opposed to our own.

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I try not to be, but at times it gets the best of me.

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When it comes to strangers I’m normally pretty opened minded. However, when friends or family members do something stupid it’s really hard for me not to judge them. My husband hates that about me…

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Yes and no. I’m often pretty quick to point out when someone’s words/actions go against what I think is logical or correct. But I’m just as quick to admit that as long as they’re not harming anyone other than themselves, they’re free to think/do whatever they like. This turns me into a hopeless gossip, I’m afraid. “DID YOU HEAR WHAT SO-AND-SO IS UP TO?! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” But I’d never actually tell So-and-So that I think they’re being a turd because… it’s their right to be. I can’t tell them to stop.

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this is slightly irrelevant but i really appreciate the correct spelling of the word judgmental. there is a gym near my house advertising “no judgements” which makes me feel, unsurprisingly, quite judgmental of them.

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Judgement is the British English spelling of judgment unless used to speak of something legal.

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@dragonfly, really??? i actually seriously always thought it was just a heinous misspelling.

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I think it’s good to judge to a certain extent. I mean I wouldn’t go up to someone on drugs and start up a conversation and try to be their friend.

I do think everyone deserves a chance, and you should watch being too judgmental. But it is good.

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@jacksonrice Yeah I decided to look it up after a couple people commenting. I was bored and it was bugging me.

Here’s the link for it.

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I try (hard) not to make snap judgments. However, everyone is judgmental to some extent. If someone claims they aren’t, then they are a LYING BUTTOCK!

judge, jury, and hangman

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@knotmyday—“If someone claims they aren’t, then they are a LYING BUTTOCK!” Wow, that’s kind of judgmental. ;)

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I know! What a tangled mess of contradiction I be

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