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What would be a good title for a Personal Statement about teaching?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) April 2nd, 2014

I’m helping a friend writer her Personal Statement for applying at college. She is attempting to become a K-3rd teacher. The essay is about how many teachers “play-pretend to be teachers,” and others, who are few, actually teach.

She’s basically adopted Matthew Dicks point of view from “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend:” “There are two types of teachers in the world: there are those who play school and teachers that teach school.”

Her essay is saying she will be a teacher that teaches, and doesn’t want to ever become on that “just pretends.”

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“On Nurturing Learning”

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@zenvelo That’s a good one! It’s going in the list of possible titles! Thank you! :)

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“Teaching for Real”


“Teaching from the Heart”

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Teach not Preach

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@ucme DAMN! That’s a good one! It doesn’t fit the theme of her statement, well, but damn! That’s a sexy title! I feel compelled to write my own essay about that now! Thank you for the input!

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@jtvoar16 You’re welcome

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@jtvoar16 I came so late and @ucme took my line! Anyway, wish you and your friend good luck with the essay :)

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I never took your line, it was mine all along, now move along thief ~

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