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Have you ever had a friendship become distant, but then go back to normal?

Asked by longgone (12786points) April 2nd, 2014

As recently admitted, I don’t like change.

My sister and I are friends with another pair of sisters. We met when we were all under six, so we’ve known each other for a long time now. We share many of the same views and we were raised similarly. We’ve made up countless games, we’ve spent holidays together, and we had regular sleepovers. These are the kind of friends who know our distant relatives’ names and get invited to family gatherings. They’re special.

Now, for about six months, things have been “weird” between us. We meet up about once a week, if even that. We used to get together two or three times in that same amount of time – for about six months preceding that, weekly sleepovers were the rule, not the exception. It’s these little changes that get to me.

All this started, I think, with plans to share an apartment. While my sister and I would have taken the plunge, our friends decided they wouldn’t risk our friendship. I believe that, and I get it. Moving in together can damage relationships. It may have been the right decision, anyway. Trouble is…somehow, we’ve managed to damage our relationship anyway.

We’ve talked about the matter three times. Every time, the conversation ended in tears, but we felt better. Until things got back to what is now normal.

Worst of all, I wonder whether I may have caused all this: As some of you know, a friend of mine died last June. I was pretty whiny and sensitive for a while, and I wonder whether that may have been too much for our relationship.

Sometimes I can’t help but think I should give up…but I’m not anywhere near ready to. I want those two back.

TL;DR I miss my friends. Tell me things will go back to normal, please.

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