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Would you classify these as science or merely ... "valuable studies?"?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5527points) April 2nd, 2014

I was reading questions and answers here in the Science section and ran across this gentlemen who states, ” Art, literature, music, dance, and tons of other disciplines are not science, but are certainly very valuable studies…”

I am curious how you feel.

I do believe that music and the study thereof is a science. It is based on observations and theories just as any other branch of science.

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“I was reading questions and answers here…”

Where is this “here” you write of? Fluther does not have a science section.

As for your question, art, literature, music, dance, etc. are widely classified as the arts and humanities. They are not science.

Webster defines science as “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.”

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@Hawaii_Jake is correct.

Also, What do you mean by “merely valuable studies”?

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Music is just noise. There are a select few of us who have figured out the types of sounds humans find appealing. I wouldn’t call it a science so much as I’d call it trial and error.

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I quoted this gentleman from the social section, science subsection by doing a Fluther topics search for science.
The quote is from this question

The “merely valuable studies” is part of the quoted section and so I cannot say what the original writer intended.

@flip86 Science is trial and error my friend.

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Music involves more than just sight reading peer approved sheet music. Playing music is very often improvised spontaneous expressions of emotions. Science then demands experiments that can obtain verifiable and repeatable results and as a musician I have yet to play the same improvised solo twice. Improvised jams are like snowflakes….no two are alike.

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It is sometimes possible to turn these arts into a science. Take the culinary arts, for example. Usually, creating a good recipe requires some artistic talent. You can turn cooking into a science, however, by using food chemistry, test-tasting panels, and statistical analysis.

Once you are able to take objective measurements of success, you can turn anything into a science.

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I’ve wondered it their is a difference between martial arts and martial science.

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