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How should i handle this drunken situation?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) July 2nd, 2008

So last night i was at this party and it was sweet. i got wasted and what not and got driven home with this fat girl. now im not shallow or superficial but this girl is UGLY. Now im a drunken mess…turns out i make out with her. WHAT SHOULD I DO….what do i tell my friends…her…and anyone else….i feel so gross.

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Just pretend you blacked out and don’t remember a thing. Plausible deniability.

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You kissed somebody while you were drunk.

Big deal

What is there to handle?

(You aren’t, by chance, inclined towards self aggrandized behavior? The notion that your actions however small will have some ripple effect on the people around you and therefore justify dramatic, hand-wringing over the slightest minutia is rather quaint and, dare I say, childish.)

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you shouldn’t have gotten so wasted that you started making out with someone you aren’t interested in. and yes you do sound shallow and superficial.
fuck. why did i have to see this question just when i told people that i am not judgmental

now that i got that off my chest, tell your friends the truth, tell her you aren’t looking to date or be in a relationship right now. APOLOGIZE for giving her mixed messages. now if she was drunk too, then you can both just laugh it off as one of those things. and oh i like osakarob’s theory on the self aggrandized behavior too.

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claim you dont remember shit. i would go with shilolos post

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@osakarob im in highschool, and although i HATE to say it reputation is everything.

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Perhaps you shouldn’t be getting drunk whilst you are still in high school. But truly, listen to PnL. She has feelings, too. Be kind.

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Just be straight forward about her and your feelings, and to avoid embarrassment lie to your friends and your family that your were paid to go on a date with her by her dad. Or you could be nice, it’s up to you.

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If the girl has a single brain in her head (not clear since she went home with your drunken self) she knows exactly how shallow and stupid you are already, and very probably would not want to be seen with you either.

All the guys on this thread that have said pretend you don’t remember: nice. And you wonder why women have problems with guys? Would you do that at work? Make a mistake and then lie? Is it any wonder the world has problems?

I think you should apologize to the girl. Tell her you made out with her because you were drunk. Then I think you ought to consider growing up.

@PnL Some things call for some judgment.

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We had a name for those at military school in south Texas, we called them BMWs, a Big Mexican Weiner. I don’t know why weiner is there or why it has to spelled that way, but that was our way of saying that someone is getting it on with a fat chick.

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Oh, c’mon everyone, get off your high horses. This stuff happens. If he had simply said, “I hooked up with someone I shouldn’t, and now I’m embarrassed about it”, then you wouldn’t be taking such a judgmental tone. His description was crass, but the bottom line is that he made a mistake, and now regrets it. Gee, sounds a lot like high school (and college) to me. I’m sorry we can’t all be perfect human beings…

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@shilolo <3

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What he regrets, shilolo, is not his poor judgment or his drunken actions, which considering his age and state of maturity are not so surprising, but that someone might have seen him or find he kissed an ugly girl. Being that shallow will not help him in later life.

If his popularity is so fragile that it cannot withstand this ghastly plight, then perhaps he should question whether that popularity is very meaningful. That would be a real start to maturity.

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@marina….why are you so harsh? i regret kissing her because what am i supposed to say to her now…...“yeah about that….i dont like you at all” theres really no easy way…...thats what this question was about…dont make this about your grudge against men, and please dont take this out on me.

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I believe Marina meant “single brain cell,” not “single brain.”

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@jamzzy Yes, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Compounding your original poor action by telling her there is something wrong with her!!!!

What about just saying to her that you are sorry that you made out with her. You weren’t thinking straight because you were drunk. Don’t say you don’t want a relationship, because you don’t like her or that she is ugly. Stop at, “I did something I should not have. I am sorry I got you mixed up in it. See you around school.” Then when you do see her, say hello. Decency is never unpopular.

There is a lot of room between “I kissed her, now I have to date her.” and “I don’t like you.”

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@marina thank you =] and dating her was never an option i just wanted to know how to put her down easy…im gonna be nice to her later….she did give me a ride home.

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@jamzzy, she didnt just give you a ride home, did she…

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And over at some girl is asking what she should do because she made out with a drunk douche bag last night.

“im in highschool, and although i HATE to say it reputation is everything.”
No, it is not.

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Thanks for reminding me why I left high school early and why being a grownup rules. This almost makes paying taxes worth it.

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@waterskier2007, hahaha. very funny.
@johnpowell, reputation is a lot..that is if you do not want to get made fun of…im sorry if im thinking in a way you do not like…the thing is i want to enjoy highschool…and no one really enjoys highschool when they get m ade fun of sorry to tell you.

the point of this question was WHAT SHOULD I TELL THE GIRL…..not what should i do about me….shes actually really cool…but yeah…not so easy on the eyes…and i dont want her thinking i want something…i just want a way to tell her hey…..about last night…. that doesnt mean people can come in her calling me a ‘shallow drunk douche’..thats not nice .

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@vectorul. “liberals” must be the cause of everything, I guess. Possibly the dumbest comment you have made to date, and there have been a bunch, so that’s saying something.
@Jamzzy. Sadly, you opened yourself up to this with your initial description in your question. My initial post was more of a joke than anything. If you want to go the “honesty” route, do it quickly, before things become awkward.

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shilolo said “If he had simply said, “I hooked up with someone I shouldn’t, and now I’m embarrassed about it”, then you wouldn’t be taking such a judgmental tone.”
– the point is, he did NOT say that. we will have to “judge” him based on what he wrote and respond accordingly.

to all the jerks on this thread, oh i mean guys on this thread (except for Eambos), if you can take a step back and stop trying to sound cool and do general obnoxious “guy talk”, imagine that girl was your daughter (shilolo, one day you might have to deal with something similar) or your sister/close friend. take that into consideration and then see how you would respond to jamzzy.

@ waterskier – i can take a joke, it just wasn’t funny. of course, i really shouldn’t have expected much from you since you just graduated high school too. you and jamzzy would be “tight” if you were in the same school.

@ waterskier/vectorul – of course you would bring political opinion into this.

@ jamzzy – the real motive behind your question had to do with your “reputation”. me and marina are looking at it from a broad perspective taking the other girl’s feelings into consideration. and your question isn’t “nice” so you shouldn’t expect niceness back. as for what to tell the girl: you could take the coward route and tell her you don’t remember what happened or you can take a couple of steps towards maturity and just apologize.

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Oh my gosh, it was just a kiss, be a gentleman, talk to her, try to find an excuse, don’t make her feel rejected, try not to hurt her feelings, about your friends, is it really that important what they think about what you did? I don’t think so… just imagine how would you feel if you end up in a similar situation with a Prada model, and SHE is the one trying to hide what happened w/u… not nice right? Reputation (i know what you are thinking) is important, but, being a gentleman is even more…

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and there is nothing wrong with an overweight girl, seriously.

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Be a gentleman and apologize for acting innapropriately. Thank her for the ride home and next time drink Sunkist soda.

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@pnL, you are right in the fact that me and jamzzy would be tight because he takes things as they are. he realizes that reputation, while it may be shallow, is important in high school. and in real life. people get jobs a lot of times because of reputation, personal or professional. but you are wrong because i didnt just graduate high school.

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SO i just called her while reading your responses…i can multi task like a BEAST…. but what i said was…about last night….before i even finish speaking she says…im sorry about last night…GREAT…now i feel like a piece of crap….i say listen i dont mean to be a asshole but last night was kind of a moment thing, i had a little too much to drink and it was just a kiss… i didnt mean anything by it. she says its cool…and how she would like to do it again some time….hmmm…..about that…SUNKIST SODA IT IS

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Having a reputation means that you are an honest, trustworthy person, with morals and values.

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Good job.

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@Waterskier. Reputation is very important in real life. Having a reputation as a stand up guy far outweighs having a reputation as someone who only hooks up with good looking girls, or someone who can drunkly hook up with and demean someone else.

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this is highschool people…put yourself in highschool point of view.

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People forget how HS was. Reputation is everything!!!!!!

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hs is kind of hard, but you have to shape your character, and learn how to deal with your mistakes, and never look down whatever happens to you.

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First the true secret to popularity in high school is dont care if your popular. Be a good person with something to offer to people (like a sense of humor, the ability to listen, some form of personality that does not need to destroy those around you) and people will gravitate to you. This is true later in life. There will always be haters but the moment you aren’t worried about those people you are free and you put them in there place and expose them for the insecure people they are.

As far as the girl make her a friend. She may not be attractive to you at this point but that doesn’t mean she is an idiot. She knew you were drunk. If she pursues a relationship just ask to be her friend and be a friend. You never EVER know what the future holds. Better her to have good memories over bad.

Also really ask yourself why does who you hang out with matter to your friends. You aren’t asking them to hang out with her so they shouldn’t care. If they were real friends they would give her a shot beyond the exterior based purely on the fact that you want to hang out with her. Everyone has an opinion that doesn’t mean it is worth any more than the energy used to give it.

Just my thoughts.

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Do what you want, don’t let what other people will think change you. You might think being “popular” is everything right now but it’s not. Once you learn that you’ll have a lot more fun.

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i remember high school very well. there were those that spent day and night thinking of their reputation and how they could improve it or keep it going. and then there are those that don’t need to worry about it because people like them based on their personality/talent/honesty. luckily, i fell in the latter group.

@ jamzzy – well at least it’s all over now. and your conversation didn’t sound horrible either. all’s well that ends well.

@waterskier – ah, you just sound like a recent high school graduate. my mistake.

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I had the reputation of being an isolated kind of nerd guy in hs, quiet, never in trouble. Now, after 7 years out of hs, I’m the guy who arrived in an italian car to our last class meeting. there you go, that’s what reputation means in hs… nothing folks, nothing…

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@jamzzy I’m glad the conversation with the girl went well. It sounds as if you don’t have to worry about your friends finding out.

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Come on now, Fat ugly girls are what make getting shit hammered fun, right?!?!?

Seriously though, it’s not a big deal unless you make it one. Is she asking to be your girlfriend now or something?

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[Mod says]: Let’s keep it on topic boys and girls.

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So anyway, have you learnt anything from the situation, jamzzy?

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The only girls that will make out you when you are drunk are overweight?

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ive learned not to drink as much….and i guess grow up…and that the reason johnpowell has so much lurve is because of his sweet jokes.

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Haha! This seriously was the most entertaining post I have read all month.


& Jamzzy; I think you handled it very well. And I know what you mean by the reputation thing. Just know that if you stop worrying ittl be “all good” in the end.

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Fat girls need loving too. You might possibly be a a repressed closet chubby chaser. If i was you I would have humped her when i had the chance. You know you couldve. Turning off the lights works miracles.

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Reputation—in high school and life—is based on your character. Character is based on integrity. It is one of the easiest things to see about someone. Some of the “popular” kids at my high school had good character and integrity. But everyone at my high school with good character and integrity also had a good reputation.

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