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If Fluther was highschool, what role would you fit?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) April 2nd, 2014

You mean Fluther ISN’T like high school? There I said it, now shut up.


Take all the stereotypes you know about high school. Then imagine it here. Then place yourself somewhere.
What are you? The jock who gets all the chicks, or the nerd who owns the chess club? One of the popular girls? Or the crazy Goth one? Maybe you’re a teacher, or the principle. Or the janitor, who knows.

If Fluther was a high school, where would you stand? Just have fun and roll widdit, G.

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“Secret Admirer”.

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The one people worry will come in and start a shooting spree.

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I’m the cafeteria lady slinging green goo onto trays. My hair is all bunched up inside a net.

I wear hot pink Crocs.

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All the sexy bits in Porky’s…mostly.

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Mysterious schoolgirl who has just transferred from another school.

Always full of surprise ;P

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One of the popular girls.

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@cookieman Then you are in the same league as me :)

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I’d be absent and hanging out at the woods till 3:00 pm and then go home. When I was in Fluther High, I would be telling the teachers how generalized their POV was.

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One of the school mattresses.

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Hall monitor, now that I’m a Mod.

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Intellectual in honors classes who performs a comic cameo in the school play.

“Such as I was, such as I will become….”

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The school nurse. I would also be in hot pink crocs. Free condoms for everybody!

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The quiet kid in the back who gets in debates with teachers.

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I’m the juvenile delinquent jock that was in honor society. Yes, I have the arrest warrant, the athletic letter, and the honors diploma.

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@GloPro Free Hot Pink condoms for everybody!

The quiet guy in the back of the class that tries to go unnoticed but has a smart mouth that thwarts his plans every time.

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I’d be working in IT setting up the firewall and proxy server settings so the little darlings can’t go anywhere I wouldn’t want my nephews to go.

In high school i was one of the kids who set up the sound film projectors around the school – an AVA boy. (Audio Visual Aids)

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@Adirondackwannabe You have come to the wrooooooooong school!

<——- This mysterious school girl takes an unseen interest in criminal mind and can detect your suspicious behavior before you even know it! ~

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@Mimishu1995 No, honest to god. Got busted in school, plead down to a disorderly conduct offense after fixing what we did.

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@Adirondackwannabe But don’t forget I’ll keep an eye on you from now on since you look “interesting” to me ~

One more thing: I will always hide my forensics tools inside my bag, in case something happens :D

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@Mimishu1995 Well, they never found the bodies, so if one more went missing I don’t think they’d notice….....

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The perfect crime: Travel back in time and prevent your victim’s conception.

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I’m the funny old social studies teacher. Nobody quite knows what I’m talking about, but one day, each will eventually say, “Oh”, long after leaving me behind. I’m not lonely, because a few find me endearing, even if they don’t “Get” me, and they are sweet to me.
Some actually try, and maybe even see my point sometimes.
Their are some I want to squeeze their cheeks, and send them off to their day.
Everybody here today? Good! :-)

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In the social realm I am the same as I was in high school. I know almost everyone, I am not judgmental or critical of how people appear on the surface, and I like to get to know people. I am interested in their backgrounds, their ideas. I still would not be partying with people who are out of control and do very risky things. I don’t really fit with the jocks or the nerds, or any of it. I am allowed into all the groups, I can fit in pretty well with all the groups, but I don’t spend tons of time in any of them. The group I spend the least time with is the freaks who are into drugs and alcohol. I still know them and talk to them, but I don’t hang out with them for fear of being in a situation that makes me uncomfortable. I moved away from the pretty and popular girls as I got older because they too partied more than I was interested in.

Academically, I am more willing to research and study than I was in high school, but I still resist reading long texts and I like for teachers to tell me in simpler terms about a topic than research it or read it elsewhere.

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@Jonesn4burgers Do you teach at my class?

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The one who reminds the teacher that there was homework and gets glared at by the other students.

Hey, if I was that kid in real high school..

EDIT: Also, holy crap, I just remembered that I’m a teacher now and not a student. Gotta get ready for work!

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One of the hallway nerds with a phone in his locker, who occasionally writes funny things for the school newspaper, but really has no sense of belonging.

Wait, that is exactly who I was in High School!

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Like a pay phone?

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@GloPro Nope. Real phone that worked.

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@Mimishu1995, well, have you learned anything from me?
When I was a kid in school, I had a thought which has stayed with me always since.
There is a class leader in schools. They are adults, mostly. They take attendance. They talk, they plan, they attempt to keep order. They are not teachers unless someone is learning from them. They can be imperfect, and still be a teacher. In fact, some of the best teachers will make intentional mistakes, and wait to see who will pick up on them, and who will have the ‘nads to mention them.

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@Jonesn4burgers some of the best teachers will make intentional mistakes, and wait to see who will pick up on them, and who will have the ‘nads to mention them.

I wish my school had the same kind of teacher… in fact, no teacher here is willing to let students pick on their mistakes, and if a student does, that student will be in hell!

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So that’s why I say so many misinformed things… My teachers were intentionally fucking with us and none of us corrected them! Argh! All of this misguided knowledge!

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@Jonesn4burgers You must have had different teachers. I had a history teacher I tried to correct. The bitch gave me a C. And I was right.

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In the top ten percent who loved school and couldn’t wait for another day to begin, who was thrilled to even contemplate learning about algebra, physics and Latin. They were magic words to me.

In that group who couldn’t understand that not everyone liked to study and learn from a wonderful (by and large) group of teacher.

In the group who rushed home to read the new copy of The New Yorker, Life, Time, Sat. Evening Post, Colliers, the Book-of-the-Month Clun selection and systematically worked her way through every volume of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

In the other group that did lots of extra-curricular activities to make school more fun, including wearing a drum majorette’s uniform, complete with plastic boots, and twirling (badly) a baton.

In the group who had a steady yet clean-cut beau and thus went out every week-end and also talked for a long time with her girl friends on the only phone in the house, until her mother yelled at her to leave the line available.

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In hs I was the office worker and newspaper editor, pretty much the “good girl’ that the teachers and principal talk to and treat as an equal.

Here on fluther, I’d probably be the hoodrat in the bathroom smoking cigarettes doing my own thang, I’m cool with that.

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@Adirondackwannabe I thought my English teacher was a bitch when she doomed me to a life in eternal hell when she discovered that my English was superior to her (I received English training at school as well as intensely at home so it’s very surprising). Well, I’ll introduce her to your history teacher shortly :)

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@gailcalled Wow. I’m actually a little jealous. I didn’t even know people felt like that while in high school. It sounded to me like you were talking about how you actually felt while you were in school, not just how you would be today. Must have been wonderful.

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@gailcalled I only have the same enthusiasm when that’s the subject I like :/

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@Mimishu1995 Deal, they can make each other miserable. I probably deserved some crap for the stuff I got away with. Like throwing a water balloon at the wall over a teacher’s head. Thing is I had to throw it twice. The first time it bounced off. The second time it burst big time.

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Probably the same roll I played in high school: the kid who sits quietly and studies anthropology. I’d be buds with the math and history teachers.

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Good stuff yall. :)

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I’d be the strange moody gothic one. Also the practical joker. Not much has changed :)

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That all around guy who can fit in with the jocks, the nerds, the goths, the teachers, the gangstas, the pranksters, those hemp Che Guevara t-shirt wearing hipsters, etc.

But I can’t frickin’ stand the straight up preps.

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The one that interrupts the teacher mid-lecture to correct them improve the accuracy of the information.

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@Seek Haha I’m reminded, in highs school we had ’‘computer class’’. Optional courses, I took programming, which I sucked balls at. But one of the students was like this computer god. You all know him, there was always at least one guy like that in school. This guy obviously knew way more about programming and computers in general than the teacher did.
The guy didn’t do it on purpose, or at least I’m pretty sure his intention wasn’t to ridicule the teacher, but he was always correcting him and doing things with ease that the teacher himself couldn’t do.

…he eventually kicked him out of class. :/ It didn’t last long, the parents were outraged. We saw him again soon, and he hadn’t changed a bit LOL it was awesome.

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Librarian with secret slutty side.

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The rebel.

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The weird kid everyone stays away from even though they secretly want to catch him in back of the gym to pummel him silly.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Aw, I liked the weird kids. One year, sophomore, I went punk and wore black every day and everything and started hanging with the weird kids, it was a lot of fun, and so much less pressure…lol

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wierd band geek!

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The shy, quiet girl with glasses that is suddenly super hot when she takes them off.

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@Blondesjon Wonder Woman?

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That’s $50 extra, but sure.

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Nah, i’ll take Cheryl Ladd in her Angels role over WW everytime.

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The dude that tried to commit suicide with a flare gun and got Saturday school.

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@johnpowell . . . Well played, sir.

Any cool scars from that?

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The arsonist honor roll student whom no one suspects as the rickety defective building goes up one night in flames.

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This school is screwed.

Berserker's avatar

lol it sure is.

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@Symbeline What is your role? You haven’t told anyone yet!

@Seek Most schools are ~

@Blondesjon Maybe we both transferred from the same school. Anime school! :)

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The all around-er girl. I was friends with the jocks and stoners and cheerleaders and hoods. I can blend with anyone. Preferences aside, of course. I’m an esoteric type, can fit in and converse with anyone, anywhere.

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@Coloma I knew you!

yes, both intellectually and biblically.

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@rojo We were smokin’ in the boys room. haha

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In more ways than one!

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@Adirondackwannabe, You see in my post I make a distinction; leaders, and teachers. Teachers we learn from. Leaders keep order, follow a lesson plan, grade papers, but we can’t call them teachers, because nobody really learns from them. I’ve had both. I had an algebra teacher who was smart, knew his subjects (he also taught science), but he didn’t know how to teach. He flunked over 80% of his students in one year.
We got rid of him. He was offered a contract, even though parents were up in arms, and I think some may have threatened his life. I was one of the few students who passed, only because I am capable of teaching myself. I learned algebra from the book. Science I knew enough to pass the tests, and I did extra credit projects I studied on my own to make up for the lessons I missed. I felt a duty to my classmates, and future students to help get rid of him. We banded together; not just one class, but all his students. We pulled off stunts which left him feeling hopeless, like us. We teased him unmercifully, I left him a note explaining that his knowledge wasn’t doing us any good if he couldn’t learn how to teach. Someone slipped it onto or into his desk. I used him, with a different name, for a writing project I was assigned. It was about a teacher who invited students to his house to get extra help and turn their failing grades. The students were coming up missing, but nobody knew where they were, because none of them had mentioned they were going to go to his house. I found out, and rescued them. The story got passed around, and was enough to start some creepy thoughts about a guy keeping HS students in his basement.
It all blended together to convince him to go away.
I had a “teacher” in grade school who put me to sleep sometimes during math class. I was barely passing the grade. Another teacher convinced the school to switch me to her class. I thrived. She showed interest in my pursuits. She even tolerated a visit from my pet snake. She was the one who caused me to think about more than three dimensions, and consider what other dimensions might resemble. The paper I wrote about it got an A. She encouraged my imagination, cared about my personal feelings, appealed to my natural child hunger for more; more to do, more to learn, more to achieve. SHE was a teacher.

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I’ll answer my own question, but I’m not really sure. Did high school have horror fans? If so, that’s me. :D I’ll be one of the Goth ones, that’s what I was in high school for real. I skipped classes and well, never actually finished school so…but I don’t skip Fluther. :D
So I’m the goth student organizing Hammer movie viewing sessions, and then I plot revenge when no one shows up; but then no revenge is dealt because I’m a wuss. :D Then I dress even more goth, because Dracula.

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My, you are complicated. I think you are the girl with the big purse in The Breakfast Club; pretending to be strange, creepy, outcast, but really she was just a girl who wanted to be somebody, and hadn’t yet figured out what sort of somebody. ;-)

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Trust me, there is nothing complicated about me. :)

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Simple, hairy, free-spirited, semi-violent, horned (or is that horny).

I like that in a girl.

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Lol, even the hair? I actually have a unibrow too. I pluck it, but if I don’t it’s this one bar across my forehead and I dun like it.

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I’d be spending lots of time in the Mod’s office!

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On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

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