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Care to add your weirdest site finds to date?

Asked by LornaLove (9076points) April 3rd, 2014

At times, whilst browsing the net, I land up on strange pages that I hadn’t even searched for.

It can be one of those “WTF!” moments.

I’m sure we have all been there? So, with that thought, would you care to add the most ridiculous, odd and crazy sites you have ever chanced upon?

Here’s a few of mine for now:

He Man sings

Peter Pan is alive and well?


Patience is a virtue!

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Still my all-time favorite. Hippes crying over dead trees.

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I get no end of enjoyment from doing Google Image searches for bad tattoos.

Can’t link my personal favourites, because it’s against Fluther rules to link to naked people.

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@KNOWITALL Ha! I quite like this odd one, which is great for relaxation Rain

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I’m taking this meta.

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@LornaLove I’m an Aquarius, that is WONDERFUL!

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Okay this one is very, very old and I’m amazed it’s still there. It’s absolutely the single weirdest and most incomprehensible thing I have ever read.

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@dappled_leaves Time Cube has become famous over the years. Or infamous.

I noted that it’s had an image update and upgraded to its own domain: last time I looked at it, it was a Geocities page with lots of flashing luminous yellow and pink text on a black background.

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If I found it again, it would never post here, and no one would want to see it if they just had lunch anyhow.

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Conservapedia’s fight against the pervasive liberal bias of reality is always good for a laugh.

Did someone say bad tattoos?

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@KNOWITALL Man….I’m a nature nut but those tree huggers need therapy.
Lunatics. lo

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Probably not the weirdest but these come to mind:



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@dxs This is one of my favourites from that site. Can be apprectiated by cat lovers and cat haters. You can throw them if you want.

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@dappled_leaves Hahaha..I had to make it rain about 10 times. Hilarious! Cat lover to the 10th power here.

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@dappled_leaves That one showed up for me, too! I was debating which one I liked better to link here.
I was going to link this one but thought it was too creepy. (Watch what happens after she eats 6 apples…)

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@dxs Haha! So disturbing! I never saw that one before.

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@dxs Ha, I’ve seen it on The Useless Web.


Warning: don’t click on my link unless you man up enough!

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@dxs What the…that is too bizarre. haha
@Mimishu1995 Creepy.

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@Coloma Happy early Halloween! Hahaha!

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@rojo close encounters of the fifth kind!

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Salad Fingers Very weird and disconcerting.

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OK @flutherother and what were you searching for when you came across that gem?

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@rojo I found it on Fluther would you believe.

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As much as I hate to admit it, I found it totally fascinating and more than a little disturbing and went on to watch a couple of others.

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