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Is Twitter beneficial?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) April 3rd, 2014

I do not have an account on Twitter.

I don’t understand the attraction. Why would I want to read poorly written tiny quips instead of longer, more reasoned articles on sites devoted to more in depth news and commentary?

At first glance, the only people who would benefit from Twitter would seem to be comedians or advertising firms.

Is Twitter beneficial to society?

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I think twitter !:*&ing sucks. I have never had an account or have seen a need for it except to brag about how awesome you are.

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I think it’s beneficial for people who offer some kind of service or information that requires many time-sensitive updates every day. For example, a journalist covering a political conference. But someone twittering about their humdrum life is just boring.

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I think it is good for getting news out fast in a crisis situation. I don’t have an account and don’t want one though.

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I tried it briefly when Ben and Andrew importuned me, but found it silly, pointless and exhausting. So I dropped out, which took some doing.

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No, it really doesn’t add to the general discourse. It’s a collection of ephemeral, instant gut reactions, with no thought or deliberation.

I had a Tweetdeck window on my desktop here at work, with scrolling twitter feed. It was nice o get the occasional heads up on a breaking news story.

But when we upgraded to Windows 7, it didn’t work any more, and the IT people here won’t tell me if it a Tweetdeck problem, or what. So I haven’t had it for close to a year. And I do not at all miss it.

If you miss a tweet, you don’t care because it is all gone after two minutes.

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I don’t think it’s very fun, or cool, but I do have an account. I’m not sure why though.

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I like Twitter. I like that people get to the point. I can’t stand reading hundred word posts from people on the internet. Usually with an agenda. I also like that “like minded” people can find each other without being belittled by people with opposing views. A little opposition is fine but on a lot of sites it is usually 20 or 30 people piling on a couple of people.

It is good to have calm discussions. so yeah, I like Twitter.

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I have an account but never got into it. Why on earth would people follow Paris ‘Marriott’ or the Tanned Aliens? I can see a use if there was a disaster that required rapid dissemination of emergency service information. Otherwise, #Idontgetit .

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I don’t know…I tried making an account once. So before I could use it, it asked me to pick five interests to add to my feed…so I do that. Then it asks me to pick five more. I do it…the third time, it asked me to pick MORE subjects. It just wouldn’t let me access my account. I gave up.

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It’s good for banter with famous folk, unique in that respect. That’s what I get out of it anyway, rapid fire chat & a few laughs.
Horses for courses I guess.

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Yes, it is actually famous people and not unpaid interns you share banter with.

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I have an account but have abandoned it since I found it to be close to useless. Not totally useless but close.

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I have an account.

I use it for live chats with my favourite scientists when they do them, and to get up to the second information when shit goes down – like during the Fort Hood incident yesterday.

Otherwise, I never bother to log in.

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I am pretty opposed to social media as a whole, that said, following the news, I can see how things like Twitter and FB have led to huge changes in some middle eastern/african countries so I can’t discredit their usefulness entirely. I do think the way that 90% of the users use these sites however is a complete waste of bandwidth.

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The younger generation still uses it and it’s a great way to keep up with entertainers. I use FaceBook though, it’s got a nice “list” section where I follow all the record labels I like and that’s my primary function.

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As a whole, it has benefitted society at times when critical info benefits from constant updates (such as during the demos and such during the “Arab Spring”) but that’s about all I can think of.

Recently it has resulted in a whole bunch of hotheaded famous people getting their shorts in a knot because of a perceived diss by somebody or other.

Twitter’s format encourages verbal diarrhea with absolutely no forethought, so it gets pretty ridiculous for people with poor impulse control.

I really haven’t found any personal use for it and when I tried to set up an account, I couldn’t get past the Captcha system used and decided it just wasn’t worth the bother.

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I think beneficial is not the correct term. I think relevant is more correct except that I think that I could go my entire life without using Twitter so maybe the correct term is actually “Something to do between birth and death”.

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I like twitter. I follow various accounts which lead me to the in-depth reasoned articles that I enjoy. I also follow people in my profession and enjoy that meeting of like-minds. I follow a few comedians and they make me smile which is nice. I follow a few local services and get updates on news and traffic etc which is useful. Yep, I think it is beneficial to me.

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