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What does a woman's ideal man look like?

Asked by MarvinPowell (627points) April 3rd, 2014

Height, skin tone or race, age range, body type, hair and eye color, facial structure, etc. Be detailed. You can also add in personality traits, if you want.

Please, no “looks don’t matter to me” BS answers.

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<Sigh> Yet another jelly who seems to be disappointed with their look…
And why no “looks don’t matter to me”? What if it’s totally true for me?

<Sigh again> OK, so if you don’t want “looks don’t matter to me”, I’ll skip it. Satisfied?

Height: higher than me or shorter than me.
Skin: black, white, yellow…
Race: African, American, Asian…
Age range: older than me.
Body type: well-built, skinny…
Hair color: dark, white, yellow…
Eye color: blue, black…
Personality: caring, gallant, honest, always willing to help, loyal, tolerant, open-minded, always care for the family, kind.

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Hi’ya Marvin. Hmmm, “What does a woman’s ideal man look like?”

I like to think her ideal man looks a lot like me.
I know that’s a tad arrogant or conceited, but hey, what can I say?

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Looks aren’t as important as ostentatious displays of athletic achievement.

Here’s a photo of a woman paying to be with me, because I’m wearing Olympic Gold! ;-D

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As long as he’s 5“9”, I’m his forever.

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At 54 now all I want is a guy that has a personality that surpasses that of a cardboard box, a is not a sports addict, doesn’t own a recliner and doesn’t have some annoying little weasel dog. lol
Seriously, there is some phenomenon with middle aged guys and their little doggies these days. No little dogs, must be a cat man.

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Don’t waste time trying to decide on the ideal man or woman. You will lead a lonely existence. Once again, there’s a reason that Baskin Robbins offers 31 flavors!

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Me! Me Me! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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This All 3’11” of him when stretched out.

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Ok, so just to be clear on this, a womans’ ideal man is short, fuzzy, aloof and able to lick his own genitals?

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@rojo LOL

@gailcalled Look <——- Marwn got dressed up too….so we can all go on a double date. haha

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@rojo; It’s as good an arbitrary definition as any other I can think of. And, he doesn’t leave the seat up, pick his nose, bite his nails, forget to bathe, have morning breath, snore or smoke.

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@gailcalled He can, however, leave some nasty claw marks down your back.

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@rojo; Not since I learned how to read his body language. I leap up and hide when he gets that expression (although it can be trying at 4:00 AM).

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I like giant men with greasy matted hair who wield double bladed chainsaws. And their beard has to be longer than my hair.

This may seem like a joke, but it kind of isn’t.

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Um @Symbeline

What is the length I need to beat and are we talking head hair or pubic hair?

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We’re talking about nose hair Viking braids.

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Damn. I am gonna have a hard time competing nasally. The beard might make it, depends on how negligent you have been with your personal nasal hygiene.

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Functioning penis
Two ears are preferable but by no means mandatory
A nose is good so long as it’s not a uninostril, that just looks like a bogey cave
Some height is required but we won’t put a figure on it because that would be silly
Be better if he could perfect the Roger Moore raised eyebrow, goes down well with milfs.

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MY perfect man? Well, there was my first husband, lean, 6’2” big nose, red hair. After we married his hair kept getting lighter until it was blonde, then gradually got darker until it was nearly brown. I told him once that chocolate got me in the mood. He dashed out of the house, came back a few minutes later with a bunch of Three Museteers and Milky Ways. He refused to share them with me, said he wanted to see just how “happy” I could get. LOL

Years later there was this Irish guy who describes like an elf. He was short, like about 5’2”. His thick red hair went down past his butt. He was about seven years younger than me. (yum) He was a vary ambitious partner, but I just couldn’t handle that he was drunk so often. Falling down drunk. He was quite the outdoorsman, and I liked that.

There was this guy who looked like David Hasselhoff back when he did Night Rider.

I had a real hangup for a while over this guy with pretty, curley, light brown hair. He was average height, slim, and had an incredible smile. He had no interest in me though, because I don’t come from a nice Jewish family, and his parents were kind of old fashioned. His cousin liked me though, and hit on me a lot. He had a real disco look about him, and I might have found him attractive, except he was so full of himself.

Sorry if you feel it’s BS to say looks don’t matter, but they never mattered much for me. I do have some appearance turn – offs. I like men to keep fit, for their age and ability anyway. Men who don’t care to keep themselves fit turn me off. Men who don’t keep themselves clean. If a man is working hard, gets dirty and sweaty, I find that a turn on. If he goes out without going home first to clean up, ew! Slouching turns me off, picking something (nose, butt, nads, whatever), hanging on me, a nice suit with a bad tie. Those things turn me off

President Obama is YYYUUUUMMM! If I didn’t adore FLOTUS, I’d want to take a shot at the pres. or vice versa.

Nope, it’s behavior which has always gotten my attention. well, there was this one guy in high school. THAT’S a story for another thread, NSFW, Not Safe For Those With Heart Trouble, age limit required.

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I like a honest guy whatever he looks like, am black and I really love an inter racial relationships, so its important to make the world bright.
only must be white guy.

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I don’t have an idea but I like character in a face. The typical good looking males that often appear in Hollywood movies or the general media don’t do anything for me. I am more attracted to men like Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) than Brad Pitt for example. As I am quite short, I like men that stand at about 5“8/9. I prefer darker skin than very white/pale skin, Latin or Mediterranean ski tones are the sexiest for me. I like green or dark eyes.

I know you don’t want to hear this but I am generally not attracted to someone at all until I get to know them. I can’t say I found my boyfriend attractive to look at (I didn’t think he was ugly at all, I was just indifferent I guess) until I knew his personality and how funny he is. Now I think he’s the most physically attractive man in the world.

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I’m old, so looks aren’t nearly as big a focus as they were when I was younger. I think people have a type of person they are attracted to. I like clean shaven, a bit of a sucker for blue eyes and blond hair, but I find many different men of different races attractive. A man who can keep up with me physically is essential, so no lazy fatties. Other than that, hair, no hair, tall, short, dark skin, light skin…. don’t care. For me, smart is attractive: Smart and liberal politics, not intimidated by a smart woman, big dogs, cooking or rooms full of children and responsible with money. Being mechanical and building-stuff savy is also very sexy. My boyfriend fixed my dishwasher. You better believe he got lucky…. almost right there on the kitchen floor! (giggle) I have the best boyfriend right now and he is my ideal. He’s a year younger than me. Sweet, boy-ish looks, blonde and blue-eyed, a PhD in physics, a university teacher and researcher and a pilot and human friend to three dogs. (it was four, but one succumbed to cancer a few months ago.) Some of his attributes I wouldn’t care one way or another, like his age, height, race… so, after a fashion, his looks are more a result of his life and not something I focus on. It is always about the whole package for me. (just reminded of a guy I went out with once before BBE and I sealed the deal. He was eager to date me. He is an ex-NFL player. I just wasn’t interested in this big, gorgeous, athlete after one date with him. He is quite religious (sort of a deal breaker with me) and we had nothing in common other than being attracted to each other. I’m glad I met him and he is a friend now, but he got no further than a very sisterly kiss.) Sweet geeky nerd wins over big handsome jock in my book.

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He “looks” smart and funny and ethical and kind.

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@rojo If I can lick my own genitals what do I need a woman for?

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Of course there’s no “ideal” man that every single woman will be attracted to, as attractiveness is subjective. However, here’s what I prefer:

Height – Taller than me. Preferably 5’9” or taller.
Skin tone or race – I’m usually attracted to white dudes, but I’m not closed to the idea of dating other races (well, I am, but only because I’m married).
Age range – I’m 24, so anywhere from 23 to 30ish would be best.
Body type – Not overweight, not scrawny, not overly muscular. I’m fine with anywhere from a naturally slim body to a nice toned body to just a normal body.
Hair and eye color – Dark hair for sure, don’t really care about the eyes. Brown or hazel eyes are great, as are blue and green ones. My favorite is dark hair with great blue eyes, like this pretty boy. I’m not into bald guys at all.
Facial structure – I love strong jawlines and good cheekbones on a guy. Nice plump lips are also good.

Also, no clean shaven men for me. If I wanted to kiss a face that’s smoother than mine, I’d kiss women. Nope, I like a nice scruffy face. Oh, and a deep voice.

Personality? Hm…a sense of humor is super important. Being polite, treating restaurant staff well, tipping well. Someone I feel comfortable being goofy around, and someone who will be just as goofy in return. And the guy doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist (my good ole country boy certainly isn’t), but having common sense is a must.

Things that automatically turn me off – a preoccupation with video games, racism or homophobia, disliking animals, drinking a lot, being a bar fly or club boy, unemployed, lack of ambition/goals.

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If you don’t want the typical answer, in general, no one has been made fun of for being fit and being independent.

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For me it’s either dark hair and blue eyes, or brown skin, brown eyes, dark hair. Short hair.
Height is anywhere from 5’7”-6’3”.
Built: Lean muscle preferably, but I’ve been attracted to heavier guys, too.
Age: Tends older by 3–5 years.
Facial structure: No preference.
Personality: Smart and a tad ornery/ pervy, introverts are okay but extroverts are more fun since I’m introverted a little. Kindness is a must, can’t stand snots.

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Nine times out of ten..usually people search for someone “just” like themselves.
While at other times..the opposite personality types spark interest and some can find a ‘true” mate that way too.
I look for confidence in themselves but not bragaduccio.
I look for a just person, fair in handling people in a just way.
I look for a man who is healthy in mind an soul.
Who has goals in his life…fitness goals,financial,lifestye goals,who is always improving.
A man who does not ‘have” to have a women on his arm ‘all of the time” to measure his own worth.
Who finds his own worth and value in being himself without regrets.
Who does not have a long list of ‘broken hearts”, but rather finished business in that regards.
He breaks up knowing that ‘no one” OWES him.
That he is happy to have had the time with each person for whatever time that that person invites him into her life etc
Treats life as a “present” a gift each day, and is thankfull for the lessons.
Has no ‘left” over hurt to haunt him.
Has established a calm demeanor and understands that everyone has a different perspective in lifes foibles and learns and teaches as he jopurneys through his life.
I have met such a person recently and I am enjoying his perspective and have no ulterior motives in inviting him into my life. I take life one step at a time for whatever is fated to happen will and whatever life has for me I am forever gratefull for what the future holds for me, weather with or without another.
Lifes journey is long and exciting as it is.

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i seem to go for tall. thin rangy guys with an open face in terms of physical looks. Intelligence, humor, kindness and a compassionate outlook are equally important.

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I’ve dated men from 5’4” to 6’3”, from Irish to African-American to Southeast Asian.
It’s not about looks – it’s about character.

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I am mostly attracted to South Asian and Arab guys, but I am open to dating all races! My ideal man would have brown skin, thick black hair, and deep dark brown eyes. Tall and lean is good. I like muscles, but he does not have to have them. His personality is more important to me! He has to be able to make me laugh, that’s a must. Also, he has to be sweet and smart and good with conversation.

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@Kardamom HECK yeah on Picard. :) The second link isn’t working though.

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Oh there we go, it works. And YES. :D

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“Sorry if you feel it’s BS to say looks don’t matter, but they never mattered much for me.”

“I like men to keep fit. Men who don’t care to keep themselves fit turn me off. Men who don’t keep themselves clean.”

Am I the only one who sees the major contradictions here? Unless “looks” are just limited purely to one’s face and the real answer is “he can be ugly, as long as he’s athletically built and has muscles and abs and is in top shape.”


Thank you for your honest, straight, no-nonsense answer.


Thank you for your direct answer.

Kinda proves my point about “looks don’t matter to me” being BS.


Thanks for your answer.

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I am not sure exactly what he looks like but I have been told that he has his hands in a sinkful of dirty dishes and is cleaning them without being asked to.

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Don’t you people have dishwashers?

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I have to pre-wash them, THEN put them in the dishwasher.

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I’m kidding lol. I don’t have a dishwasher. Have to do everything ass backwards.

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