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Where is mad mad max?

Asked by stanleybmanly (14981points) April 3rd, 2014

misery LOVES company. none must be allowed to escape

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In Max Max Mad.

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He entered Tina Turner’s thunderdome, aka the black hole, the man is lost forever.

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[mod says] The user @MadMadMax disabled his own account. I don’t know of the reasons behind his disappearance, but it is probably not worth speculating over.

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@PhiNotPi Woa! For a moment I thought @stanleybmanly was talking bullshit (hence the sarcasm)

Sorry @stanleybmanly :(

Now that I think of it, I do remember a user named MadMadMax. If you had written their name without those spaces I would have understand what you were getting at.

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She was only around for awhile and I’m wondering if the atheist thing resonated with her and she left with them.

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@PhiNotPi Not worth speculating over? Ha, wow that was mean.

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Account disabled over the naked whale trainer ordeal and a general lack of reverence for the vastly superior and immensely intelligent site, Ouora.

I mean, why float in a sea of jellies when you can wallow in the same stale bathwater as Mensa minions?

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Naked whale trainer?

I’ve clearly missed something.

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Note the “On Quora, there‚Äôs even a bot that synthesizes questions.” OH, JOY!

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The whale trainer thing rings a bell (faintly). It’s the sort of expression that lingers in your head. I remember there were salvos flying back and forth which I didn’t understand at the time. Guess it’s something I should try to look up.

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Well, and another one bites the dust.

That makes me sad. I liked her(?).

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There were tremendous changes in her mood and vicious mood swings over time, @Seek. Sad to watch.

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She was marooned in North Carolina and not one bit happy about it. The local politics really hit her switch. @rojo ‘s Paris answer was quite plausible, because she definitely longed to escape to Europe. I’d like to think she made it.

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