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Is Art actually synonymous with Crafts, or are the two completely seperate entities?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) April 4th, 2014

I hear and read the term art and the term craft bandied about as if they are two separate and unique realities; but really, when you get down to it, are they not one and the same?

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When people say “arts and crafts,” then art refers to painting and design, while craft refers to building the object. The first thing that comes to mind is a child building and painting a bird house. The construction of the bird house is part of “crafts,” while the painting is part of “arts.” So, while both of them go together to form the final product, the painting and construction are separate steps of the process. The term “arts and crafts” attempts to better describe the process.

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Arts and crafts are, for me, inseparable.

It could be posited that great art is rare, but rooted in craft, which is available to to everyone.

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I have had people express their opinions that the pottery I make is a craft and not an art. Extrapolate that out and any craft then would not be an art yet any crafter I know who is good at what they do produces artful pieces when they go beyond the functional aspect of their craft and add personal expression to their pieces.

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What @ibstubro said.

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They’re close, but art might be crafts writ large.

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My feeling is that they are two separate concepts that can be closely related, but are not required to be so.

Said another way, some crafts are examples of artistry, some art shows evidence of craftsmanship, but not all of either.

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I, personally, consider “Art” to be something singular, and unique, as in, there is only one. A painting, a musical composition, something of that nature.

Whereas I consider a “Craft” to be something that can be quickly replicated and is then done so. So, something like a folded paper rose, assuming it can be done quickly and repeatedly with little-to-no variation.

By my definition, the scrapbook as a whole is art, the pages too, but the embellishing on the pages are crafts.

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Hitler liked his art & he turned out to be a crafty little bugg…so & so.

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Is craft the making of the object and art the appreciation of the object?

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