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Video gamers, what do you use for sound?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) April 4th, 2014

My PlayStation 4 came with its own headset which includes a microphone. It’s great for playing together with someone online, as you can talk while you play. But the problem is that it only has one ear piece…so many headsets have that, am I the only one who finds it completely annoying? I hate hearing in just one ear. And when I’m done playing, my ears are ringing and I get all headachey. Why do microphone including headsets always have just one ear piece?

I have a surround sound system, but it’s too outdated and is not compatible with my PS4. So basically, for the console, I have two options; using the headset they give you, or I use the headphones from my PSP. (PlayStation Portable) But the mouthpiece doesn’t work on the PS4.
There do exist headphones with two ear pieces and a mic…but those things cost more than a game, some go over 100 dollars. I mean COME ON.

So for anyone who plays video games, can you tell me what you use for sound? I know for a fact that today, you can rig up your own system and customize the sound if you know enough about how all that works. Which I really don’t, but perhaps if some of you guys give me examples, I can try to work something out for my console and get a better audio experience. Obviously, any example that includes the PS4 would be great, but anything you play on will work, if it’s something you rigged up and customized yourself.

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My son has a PS4 & hates the pathetic little earpiece too, he bought himself a good pair of headphones, but like you say, dey cost a bomb.
There’s loads out there though, obviously you don’t want a cheap, nasty pair, but the middle range ones are usually very good.
That’s all I got, not much it’s true, but hey…I tried.

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Personally I use this combined with a cheap-ish pair on Sony headphones (no mic, as I don’t really bother with with online play).

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@ucme Yeah, I think my option will be to spring for a decent pair of headphones too. There ARE some that are decently priced, just as long as they work good.

@Darth_Algar Or that thing. Never knew that existed haha, but it seems that it would work pretty good. I don’t play online much either, but some trophies require it, so… XD

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Rather I should say I use a slightly older version of that. But as far as I can tell the main difference between that and what I have is just the way the body is designed. It’s an incredible little device and makes the game audio shine even through my cheap headphones (Sony MDR-V150).

Also, that little device possibly saved my relationship. :P

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I’m not much of a trophy hound myself.

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A really old stereo triple cd player from the beginning of the millennium.
It is so old, the cd drives do not work anymore, neither does the on/off button, or the tray doors.

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Dunno if you’ve tried this yet, get drunk & try & find the disc tray release thingy that goes “ping” ...practically impossible, but loadsa fun.

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@Darth_Algar Haha yeah, it’s my main reason for playing games these days. Addicted to trophies. Lol.

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I used to use my old DVD player, but between it crapping out after 9 years, and me needing a mic, I went with an X12 headset . I’ve thought of adding a DSS2 to it, but even just being amplified with bass boost makes them decent listening. Well worth the $70 I paid.

Oh, and if you like trophies, try World of Tanks. They have trophies galore

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