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Pancake redux: would you rather...

Asked by Strauss (20486points) April 4th, 2014

This q was originally asked here. Since that time, the pancake has become iconic to many jellies. (Many folks prefer jelly with their pancakes). We have a lot of jellies on board who were not around here in 2008.


Would you rather have popcorn pop in your pants every time you fart or have an involuntary orgasm every time you hear the word “pancake?”

Please do explain your answer for the entertainment of myself and the other readers!).

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I am the wound that will not heal, Fluther’s festering party pooper and I say that I am so sick and tired of this cursed pancake theme.

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@Symbeline For real. Waffles and steak ftw

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The pancake thing was lame 3:42 secs after it began.

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@ucme, I have some chocolate sauce and whipped cream for you. Wanna shout pancakes for me until my eyes roll back in my head?

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They’re not even real cake!!!

We’re being decieved folks.

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Just like jaffa or pontefract or eccles…no cake!

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Ah ha, it is in social now, so in true Fluther form, I will make my own ‘C’ option.
None of those would for me, so I would choose to have 1,000 women bra disappear every time I a Harley passes by a Volkswagen in either direction or across the front of its path.

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I’m not a fan of popcorn, so bring on the orgasms!

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Who wouldn’t pick orgasms?

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I think I would rather have an involuntary orgasm every time I heard a Liberal blame Bush for all the problems our country faces….I am sure I would need to be carried away on a stretcher every day.

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Orgasm, hands down. Unless the popcorn hits the right spot. lol
Could be dangerous if driving and some pancake breakfast event comes on the radio. This is where scenic masturbation points would come in handy.

Next scenic masturbation point 10 miles haha

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@Coloma Keep your hands on the wheel and hold still while I saw open the top of your skull so I can then climb inside in an attempt to better appreciate your comment above.

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@Cruiser From the looks of your avatar it seems you might be airborn….could this be a moment of spontaneous combustion? lol

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@Coloma…very observant….but it is not a moment of spontaneous combustion….it is perpetual. Do you have a fire extinguisher handy by any chance? ;)

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I’ll take option ‘B’ and promptly apply for a job at IHOP.

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