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SF Non-moving violation, double jeopardy for "fix it" ticket already being fixed?

Asked by skigirl (10points) April 4th, 2014

I received a non-moving parking violation for missing registration stickers in December (the tabs either fell off or were stolen, my car was registered). While protesting the ticket and ordering a replacement sticker from the DMV, I received 2nd ticket for the same thing in January. I sent in a protest for the 2nd ticket the same day I paid the $10 fine for the 1st ticket with proof from the DMV and a signed letter from a SF police officer that the problem had been fixed. The problem has two parts; (1) MTA says they never received the protest for the 2nd ticket and (2) they are saying I have to pay the full price ($142) for the 2nd ticket. Isn’t this double jeopardy? Anyone know what I can do?

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1. File a waiver for the second ticket, explain that since the first one had been stolen you were waiting for it in the mail and present the proof again for the first ticket.

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There’s a guy in the MTA building on Van Ness that sits behind a desk in a closet sized room. If you go to MTA in person to protest, eventually you’re allowed to plead your case through the bullet proof glass to the “arbitrator”. Bring a book or magazine, patience and something to eat.

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Thank you both, I appreciate the input! Do you know how to get a waiver? And if you can request to speak to “parking ticket court” guy – I thought that they could only summon you?

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The city has really turned into a hostile place for anyone with an automobile. The cheapest ticket now for an expired meter is $65. Parking meters are everywhere now and “meter maids swarm the streets like gnats on rotting fruit. Many of the meters restrict you to ½ an hour and a dollar will buy you 20 minutes. some of the meters operate nights and Sundays, and the entire operation is viewed as an opportunity to fleece the residents of the town.

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