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Is this a good guess about the missing airplaine in the ocean?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) April 4th, 2014

A meteorite buzzed by Canada on the same day that the airplane when missing, and that gave off an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which caused the airplane’s electronics to fail.

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Which leads me to ask… were there other planes that are supposed to take a similar route? In San Diego planes seem to land at the airport every 15 minutes (so it seems)

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Sounds more like the premise of the show Lost.

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@talljasperman That’s “electromagnetic pulse.”
Your guess is as good as any. Mine is the pilot or co-pilot pulled a gun, locked the cockpit door, killed all of the flight crew, diverted the plane, let it fly until it was just about out of fuel, descended to less than 100’ until the fuel ran out, water landed the plane and then shot himself. No debris found. As yet.

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A giant prehistoric sea monster snatched that plane, sheesh you guys.

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@Coloma Oops! I stand corrected!

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It was the incredible surge of electro-magnetic energy when someone failed to push that durn button.

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We all need to stop thinking as human beings that we have the answer to everything. We don’t.
If God wants your plane to go down in the ocean he will make it go down. When the titanic was built the engineer said “Even God cannot sink this ship ” and well… It did sink didn’t it.

We all need to stop living in fear of death and over analyzing everything. If it is your destiny to die in a plane crash, it is your destiny.. end of story. Yes it is sad what happened . But unfortunately that is life. It is unpredictable. They probably will never know why it happened. As far as I know they still haven’t found out yet really why that Air France plane broke apart after taking off from Brazil about 5 years ago. They only say something about an electrical storm. They don’t know but don’t want to admit it because they can’t believe as “scientists” that they can’t have the answer.

The more you come to terms with the realities of life , the less important it would be to find these answers.

I just pray that these people have found peace and happiness on the other side. Rest in Peace.

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It’s a guess, certainly.
Here’s another one, Godzilla grabbed it out of the air, snapped off the wings & used the fuselage as a dildo #planecrazy

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I understand that the Chinese have just picked up the black box signal.

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The plane first changed course and flew low over land that a pilot would have recognized if some form of energy had been responsible for electronic equipment failure. Changes in course and altitude are more likely to be intentional. By whom and why may never be known.

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The CIA did it.

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That sounds only slightly less far-fetched than the black hole speculation (which itself is slightly less far-fetched than “God did it”).

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Aliens is less far fetched than “goddidit”

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Well…what else would “God” be but an alien?

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