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Are all 3.5mm jacks the same in electrical power output?

Asked by Blobman (516points) April 4th, 2014

Long version: I have a Nikon D7100 DSLR and though it has a built in intervalometer, it can take a maximum of only 999 images. I would like to use an intervalometer app on my iPhone 4s that sends a signal to a third-party device through the iPhone’s 3.5mm output, only without purchasing this this third-party device. I have a Cactus V5 wireless flash system which doubles as a cordless shutter fire remote if a cord is run from the 3.5mm output on the Cactus V5 to the GPS jack on the camera. My thought was to use this 3.5mm-GPS jack cord to connect my iPhone directly to the camera so that i may use the intervalometer app without purchasing the third-party hardware the app wants me to use. Is there any risk of hurting my camera because the electrical output of the iPhone is different from that of the Cactus V5?

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The size of the plug has no relation to the voltage or current that a converter provides. The voltage, amperage and polarity are usually provided on converters. Read carefully before attaching a converter not made for the device you want to power. If the voltage is too high, current too low or polarity reversed damage to your device is likely.

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They should be, in your application. Check your operations/user manual.

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Call 1–800-MY IPHONE and ask to speak to a product specialist. Don’t settle for the first person to answer the call.

The higher up guys are pretty knowledgeable about all things regarding the iPhone; they are not outsourced to a foreign country and the FREE phone support is part of what you’ve paid for with your iPhone purchase.

Apple has consistently been rated #1 for their technical support services by Consumer Reports and others. Might as well use it.

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