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Is Fluther a subject of downgrading of Quora?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14652points) April 4th, 2014

I know this question may get modded and/or stir some controversy here, but I mean no ill will, just ask this out of curiosity, and I have fully steered myself for seeing this question (or possibly me) get modded.

Inspired by some recent events about Fluther/Quora.

There have been some questions asking about Fluther in comparison with Quora. And all of them have the same content: why does Fluther not have things Quora has. I also went to Quora for some research on Quora’s opinion about Fluther, and came to a conclusion: Quora openly downgraded Fluther in their website.

Why does Quora do this? Is this the way they promote themselves? And if so, why Fluther, and not other Q&A sites?

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Because Quora sucks.

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Maybe many of them over there with disparaging comments were driven away from here with whips, bats, and heavy chains…..some times the “love” here hurts so bad.

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Was it an official Quora post that insulted Fluther, or were there posts by users doing so? You can’t blame the owners or the site as a whole for content posted by members – especially in the case of sites like ours, where the purpose is for members to state their opinions.

It is a very common fact of human nature that people belittle and bully others because it makes their own fragile egos somehow feel superior. The relative anonymity or lack of physical interaction of the internet gives people even more courage to say things that they wouldn’t say to other people’s faces. Those who are disrespectful of others show their true characters and it if we react or respond because we don’t like what they say, we empower them.

“Don’t feed the trolls” – it doesn’t matter if they’re disparaging our site and community here or elsewhere on the web, because it doesn’t change this site or community. Their ill-will and negativity will eat them from the inside-out; and there will be people who recognize the nature of those folks, and might figure that if that judgmental, closed-minded person doesn’t our site, it might actually be a cool place. Even negative attention is attention – thanks for the free advertising!

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I’ve tried several times to get into Quora. The high rate of questioning appeals to me. However, the lack of real social interaction does not. If you post an answer on Quora, someone might reply in a comment, but only that person and maybe a few others will be privy to that discussion. There’s no open debate, really. So you can get really invested in a discussion, and the person you’re talking to simply stop answering, and no one else ever jumps in to pick it up.

The site is more geared toward answers to questions than a real discussion. I mean, if I have a question that can be answered with an encyclopaedia article, I’ll look in an encyclopaedia. I play on Q&A sites because I want to talk to people.

Another downside of Quora is that they only show you questions for subjects that you pre-approve. Some people might like this, because they like showing off what they know about a particular subject. Even I can only answer ”Why are atheists mean to the nice Christians who try to save them from hell, herp derp” so many times before it becomes boring and I want some randomness.

Anyway, no discussion, not user friendly, and it doesn’t allow you to create an anonymous personality – I couldn’t be Seek there, I have to be “Alyson Lastname” Maybe I don’t want fucking everyone in the world to know it’s me answering these?

So… screw Quora and the horse they rode in on.

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Personally, I don’t care a whit about Quora. If I did, I’d be there instead of here. If they’re talking trash about Fluther on Quora, I don’t care. Quora is welcome to spew all the negativity and discontent they like. I’d just prefer they keep it contained and not keep trying to contaminate our tidepool.

Honestly, it makes me think that many of those people choosing to be former Fluther members is probably a good thing. At the very least these seem to be the former members that held the intolerable life-long I-think-you-might-have-dissed-me-once-back-in-2010 grudges.

Obviously a number of shit-stirrers are happily entrenched at Quora. More power to them.

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@ibstubro Something was wrong in 2010?

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If people are on Quora or any other site with nothing better to do than gossip negatively about others, they need to get a life. There’s a whole world of stuff to discuss, debate, whatever. There’s so much going on in the world, that for them to focus on stupidity says more about them than it does about the Fluther vs. Quora issue.

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Quora is not a bad site, and I’ve been spending more time there. I can have very quality discussions about many different topics on Quora. Most of the users generally are friendly too, even the ones I’m debating. I like this site too though, but the user base is very small and close knit. I didn’t see the bashing of fluther on there, but I just started posting on Quora not too long ago. In all fairness people on here, including myself, have bashed other sites too. People ask questions, so you can’t blame a site itself for that.

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