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If you know how to contact @lucille cubed, would you PM me please?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) April 5th, 2014

I am trying to ID the surgery she had several years ago for MS, that she reported was a success. I thougth she might be on facebook, but I cannot find her.

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Thanks, everyone, for the helpful PM’s. Cruiser sent me the specific name of the medical procedure, which is what I was looking for. Now I will pass that on to my friend and let her take it from there.

This is where fluther is so wonderful, isn’t it?

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I miss lucille^3 :(

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Come back, Lucillelucillelucille!

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For those of you who really went the extra mile, additional thanks.

Yes, she really was a very funny lady and a master of the original and unexpected one-liner. It is usually the unexpectedness that makes humor funny, isn’t it? The predictible stuff just makes us groan or grind our teeth (or leave the building). @Seek has the same skill.

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I sure miss her too, and now she’s gone off of FB, as well. :(

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