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Any information or help on finding a part-time job?

Asked by JG0207 (133points) April 5th, 2014

Hey there squiddies! Good afternoon,
I am looking for a part-time job and I just wanted to know a bit of information or help on how to find one? I know the question is too vague, so if you would like me to re-word it a different way, let me know!

- I am currently 17 years old
– I am still in High School – 11th Grade
– Driver’s License / Permit – None
– What job am I looking for? To be honest, I do not mind the job, I am looking for ANY type of job, just a little something to get me started on saving some money for future use. I will take any job I can find, and it’s not all about the money. I see it in a way that if I work doing something I’ve never done before, then I know it will help me because I have just learned a new skill, the more I know, the better. This way, I will be prepared in the near future and knowing more, helps develop my work or social skills which is what I am truly looking for.

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